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All abstracts by Scott Messenger in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Volatiles in high-K Lunar Basalts
Barnes J, McCubbin F, Messenger S, Nguyen A & Boyce J

(2017) TEM Observations of Amorphous Silicates and the Adjacent Alteration Products in MIL 090657 Matrix
Sugimoto M, Tsuchiyama A, Matsuno J, Takayama A, Miyake A, Nakamura-Messenger K, Burton A & Messenger S

(2016) Abundant Solar Nebula Solids in Comets
Messenger S, Keller L, Nakamura-Messenger K, Nguyen A & Clemett S

(2016) Constraints on the Origin of a Type B CAI from the Vigarano CV3red Chondrite
Han J, Keller LP, Needham AW, Messenger S & Simon JI

(2008) Microscale Characterization of the Organic Matter in Extraterrestrial Samples
Flynn G, Wirick S, Keller LP, Messenger S & Jacobsen C

(2008) Presolar Organic Globules in Astromaterials
Nakamura-Messenger K, Messenger S, Keller LP, Clemett S & Zolensky M

(2008) Study of the C-Rich Phases of Two Cometary Particles with Electron Microscopy and NanoSIMS
Matrajt G, Messenger S, Ito M, Joswiak D & Brownlee D

(2008) Mineralogy and Chemistry of Stardust Samples
Keller LP, Nakamura-Messenger K & Messenger S

(2008) The Effect of QSA on S, C, O and Si Isotopic Ratio Measurements
Hillion F, Kilburn M, Hoppe P, Messenger S & Weber P

(2007) Submicrometer Organic Grains: Widespread Constituents of the Early Solar System
Messenger S, Nakamura-Messenger K, Keller L, Matrajt G & Ito M

(2005) Distinguishing Solar and Extrasolar Origins of Submicrometer Grains in IDPs
Messenger S

(2003) Silicate Stardust from Comets
Messenger S & Keller L

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