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All abstracts by Ralph Milke in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) In situ Monitoring of Reaction Band Formation Using Synchrotron Radiation
Götze LC, Milke R, Schorr S, Dohmen R & Wirth R

(2013) The Kinetic Effects of H2O in Metasomatic and Xenolith Breakdown Reactions
Grant T, Milke R, Wunder B, Morales L & Wirth R

(2011) Melt Inclusions in Coexisting Perovskite, Nepheline, Magnetite and Clinopyroxene in Pyroxene Melilitolite from Kerimasi Volcano, Tanzania
Guzmics T, Mitchell RH, Berkesi M, Szabó C & Milke R

(2011) Correlations between Hf, O and Trace Element Concentrations in Zircon from Rhyolitic Rocks (NE German Basin)
Deja E, Pietranik A, Kierczak J, Milke R & Breitkreuz C

(2007) Influence of Coupled Diffusion and Viscous Creep on the Composition of Metasomatic Reaction Bands
Abart R, Milke R & Petrishcheva E

(2007) Transport, Interface and Rheological Controls on the Kinetics of Mineral Reactions
Abart R, Milke R, Petrishcheva E, Schmid D, Wirth R & Rhede D

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