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All abstracts by Satoshi Mitsunobu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Metagenomic Characterization of Novel Electroactive Microorganisms Enriched from Stibnite Mine Wastewater
Hamamura N, Kashima H & Mitsunobu S

(2022) Characterizatin of Electroactive Microorganisms Associated with Stibnite Mine Wastewater
Hamamura N, Kashima H & Mitsunobu S

(2019) Diversity of Microbial Arsenic and Antimony Transformation Pathways Associated with Antimony Mine Tailing
Hamamura N, Yamashita Y, Kataoka T & Mitsunobu S

(2016) Detection of Deep Microbial Life in the Oceanic Crust Aged 13-100 Million Years
Suzuki Y, Kouduka M, Ao Y, Mitsunobu S & Inagaki F

(2016) Microbial Antimony Transformation Associated with Antimony Mine Tailing
Hamamura N, Utsunomiya S, Nakano Y & Mitsunobu S

(2014) Spatial Coupling of Chromium and Manganese Cycling: Visualizing Microbial Communities within Complex Chemical Environments
Hausladen D, Mitsunobu S & Fendorf S

(2013) Coupled m-Xafs-Fish Technique for Direct Observation of the Microbe-Metal-Mineral Interaction
Mitsunobu S & Shiraishi F

(2011) Speciation of Iron in Natural and Synthesized Bacteriogenic Iron Oxides(BIOS) Using XAFS and ╬╝-XRF-XAFS
Kikuchi S, Makita H, Mitsunobu S, Takai K & Takahashi Y

(2011) Microbiological Investigation of the Iron-Containing Floculent Mats in Various Deep Sea Environments
Makita H, Kikuchi S, Mitsunobu S, Nakamura K, Toki T, Kawagucci S, Noguchi T, Abe M, Miyazaki J, Yamanaka T, Tsuchida S, Nomaki H, Takahashi Y & Takai K

(2010) Antimony(V) Incorporation into Synthetic and Natural Fe Hydroxides
Mitsunobu S, Takahashi Y & Sakata M

(2008) XAFS Study on the Behaviors of Antimony and Arsenic in Soil-Water System Under Various Redox Conditions
Mitsunobu S & Takahashi Y

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