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All abstracts by James Moffett in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Shelf-To-Basin Transport of Iron from the Northern U.S West Coast to the Pacific Ocean
Pham AL-D, Damien P, McCoy D, Kessouri F, McWilliams J, Moffett J, Bianchi D & Mar M

(2022) Hypoxia off the Oregon Coast Results in the Accumulation of Fe(II) in Shelf and Slope Bottom Waters
Evans T, Floback AE, Gaffney J, Chace P, Reimers C & Moffett J

(2022) Internal Redox Cycling of Iron within Oxygen Deficient Zones and its Impact on the Shelf to Basin Shuttle
Moffett J & Bolster KM

(2021) Identifying the Primary Oxidation Processes for Particulate Sulfide Using Mechanistic Models of Reducing Microenvironments in Large, Sinking Particles
Evans N, Bianchi D, Cutter G & Moffett J

(2021) Shelf to Basin Shuttling of Iron in Oxygen Deficient Zones
Bolster KM, Keil R, Neibauer JA & Moffett J

(2020) The Distribution of Anaerobic Iron Oxidation in the Eastern Tropical North Pacific Oxygen Deficient Zone
Bolster K, Neibauer J, Keil R & Moffett J

(2019) Redox Cycling of Iron at the Peruvian Margin
Heller M, Croot P, Lam P, Moffett J, Lee J-M, Till C & Wuttig K

(2018) A Comparison of Iron Redox Cycling in the World's Major Oxygen Minimum Zones
Moffett J, Kondo Y, Heller M & Bolster K

(2016) The Distribution of Dissolved Iron and Nutrients Across a South Pacific Zonal Section
Ellwood M, Bowie A, Hassler C, Law C, Nodder S, Maher W, Moffett J, Resing J, Sander S, Sedwick P, Townsend A, van der Merwe P, Woodward M, Wuttig K & Boyd P

(2014) Response of Phytoplankton Metal Quotas to Oceanic Gradients in Dissolved and Particulate Metals
Twining B, Rauschenberg S, Vedamati J, Moffett J & Sedwick P

(2014) Distribution and Potential Factors Influencing the Occurrence of Fe(II) in the Tropical Eastern Pacific
Heller M & Moffett J

(2010) Climate-Driven Changes in the Arabian Sea OMZ Influenced by Iron
Moffett J & Naqvi W

(2010) Fe(II) Distribution in the Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone and Western Tropical Indian Ocean from GEOTRACES KH-09-5
Kondo Y, Moffett J, Obata H & Nishioka J

(2003) Depletion of Cobalt as a Micronutrient in the Eastern Equatorial Pacific
Saito M, Moffett J & DiTullio G

(2003) Distribution and Speciation of Bioactive Metals in the Oceans
Moffett J

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