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All abstracts by Andreas Möller in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Matrix-Independent Baddeleyite U/Pb Geochronology by femtosecond-LA-ICP-MS?
Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser CC, Schuessler JA, von Blanckenburg F & Möller A

(2017) Nd, Pb and Hf Isotope Provenance of Glacial Granitic Pebbles in Late Ordovician Diamictites of the Taurides, S Turkey
Gürsu S, Möller A, Mueller PA, Köksal S, Kamenov G & Göncüoğlu MC

(2015) Zircon Petrochronology Constrains Retrograde Metamorphism and Dike Emplacement in the Gruf Complex
Oalmann J, Möller A & Bousquet R

(2014) Linking Zircon Growth Zones to P-T Conditions: An Example from the Gruf Complex, Central Alps
Oalmann J, Möller A & Bousquet R

(2013) P-T Modeling Reveals Juxtaposition of Units within the Gruf Complex (Central Alps) during Orogenesis
Oalmann J, Möller A & Bousquet R

(2013) Ages and Deformation of Felsic Dikes within Granulites and Gneisses of the Gruf Complex, Central Alps
Savage J, Möller A, Oalmann J & Bousquet R

(2011) In situ U-Pb Dating of Rutile in UHT Granulites from the Gruf Complex, European Central Alps
Oalmann J, Möller A & Bousquet R

(2011) U/Pb Age Spectra of Detrital Rutile as a Powerful Tool for Provenance Analysis
Rösel D, Zack T, Barth M, Möller A & Oalmann J

(2010) Bane or Boon of Mineral Alteration: Petrochronology of Fluid- and Deformation-Related Events
Möller A

(2009) U-Pb Age and Isotope Data from the S- and I-Type Syn-Collisional Granites in Ekecikdag Area, Central Anatolia
Toksoy-Köksal F, Gerdes A, Göncüoglu MC, Möller A, Frei D & Köksal S

(2008) Sapphirine Granulites of the Gruf Complex (Central Alps, N-Italy): In situ Monazite Dating by SHRIMP and Confocal Synchrotron µ-XRF
Möller A, Schmitz S, Wilke M, Nelson DR, Malzer W, Kanngießer B, Schefer S & Bousquet R

(2007) REE Distribution between Zircon and Orthopyroxene in Granulites as a Link between Petrology and Geochronology
Möller A, Hellebrand E, Moraes R & Mocek B

(2007) Improved U-(Th)-Pb Dating of Monazite by Ion Microprobe: Correcting for an Isobaric Interference of PrP02 on 204Pb
Nelson D & Möller A

(2007) Petrological Characteristics and LA-Sf-ICP-MS U-Pb Ages of S-Type Granitoids from Central Turkey
Köksal S, Möller A, Frei D, Göncüoglu MC & Toksoy-Köksal F

(2007) Radiohaloes in Cordierite: Radiochemical Transformation of Channel Constituents
Krickl R, Nasdala L & Möller A

(2007) Formation of Oceanic Zircons
Hellebrand E, Möller A, Whitehouse M & Cannat M

(2006) In-situ U-Pb dating and geochemical constraints on UHT metamorphism in the Brasilia fold belt
Möller A, Moraes R, Hellebrand E, Kennedy A & Fuck R

(2005) Constraints on Age and Duration of Metamorphic Events from in situ U-Pb Dating and Geochemical Characterization of Zircon
Möller A

(2005) Influence of Matrix Effects on U-Th-Pb Dating of Monazite by Ion Microprobe
Möller A & Nelson D

(2002) Melt-Host Rock Interaction and Zircon Growth during High Grade Metamorphism
Möller A, O'Brien PJ, Hellebrand E, Mocek B & Kröner A

(2000) In situ Geochronology and Mineral Growth Episodes: A Tale of Proterozoic to Palaeozoic Shearzone Activity from the Strangways Metamorphic Complex, Central Australia
Möller A

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