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All abstracts by Michael Moncur in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Management of Mine Wastes in an Environmentally Sustainable Manner: Lessons Learned
Ptacek C, Blowes D, Bain J, Wilson D, Amos R & Moncur M

(2012) Hydrogeochemical Setting of the Northern Athabasca Oil Sands Area
Gibson J, Yi Y, Birks J, Moncur M, Fennell J & Tattrie K

(2012) Analysis of Emerging Contaminants in Environmental Systems
Ptacek C, Blowes D, Brown S, Groza L, Moncur M, Robertson W, Scheytt T & Woessner W

(2012) Mineralogical and Geochemical Processes Occurring in Sulfide-Rich Tailings after 60 Years of Subaqueous Storage
Moncur M, Ptacek C, Blowes D, Lindsay M & Jambor J

(2012) Natural Sources of Uranium in Shallow Groundwater in Northeastern Alberta
Welsh B, Moncur M, Paktunc D, Thibault Y, Birks J, Wieser M & McKiernan B

(2012) Mineralogy and Porewater Geochemistry of Processed Kimberlite: Implications for Acid Rock Drainage and Metal Releases
Smith L, Moncur M, Paktunc D & Thibault Y

(2010) Sulfur Cycling in a High-Sulfide Tailings Impoundment
Moncur M, Ptacek CJ, Mayer B, Blowes DW, Birks SJ & Gibson JJ

(2008) Sulfide Oxidation and Acid Neutralization Reactions in a High- Sulfide Tailings Impoundment
Moncur M, Ptacek C, Blowes D & Jambor J

(2008) Long-Term Release of Sulfide Oxidation Products from Old Tailings Impoundments
Ptacek C, Blowes D, Jambor J, Moncur M & Gunsinger M

(2006) Long-term Sulfide Oxidation, Acid Neutralization and Metal Release in Mine Wastes
Ptacek C, Blowes D, Jambor J, Moncur M & Gunsinger M

(2002) Relation between Redox Processes in Groundwater and an Adjacent Lake at an Abandoned Mine Site
Ptacek CJ, Moncur MC, Blowes DW, Jambor JL & Mayer UK

(2001) Geochemical Controls on Metal Concentrations in Mine Tailings that Have Undergone 50 Years of Oxidation
Ptacek CJ, Moncur M, McGregor R & Blowes DW

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