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All abstracts by Christophe Monnin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) The Concentration of Organic Compounds in high-Ph Waters of Serpentinizing Environments Determined by 1H NMR: Continental Sites (Oman, Liguria, New Caledonia, Portugal) and a Marine Environment (Marianna Mud Volcanoes: IODP Exp 366, ODP Legs 125 and 195)
Monnin C, Sissmann O, Berger G, Quéméneur M, Price R, Pelletier B, Marquès J & Wheat CG

(2020) New Insights on Trace Metals Behavior in the Industrial Impacted Submarine Cassidaigne Canyon
Jacquet S, Chevalier C, Herlory O, Mille D & Monnin C

(2018) Impact of Metal Contaminants from an Alumina Plant Effluent in Seawater (Mediterranean Sea)
Jacquet S, Monnin C & Garnier C

(2018) Abiogenic Formation of Low Molecular Weight Organic Compounds within the Serpentinite Mud Volcanoes of the Marianna Trench (IODP Exp. 366)
Sissmann O, Price R, Elvert M, Heuer V, Prieto X, Monnin C, Rouchon V, Noirez S, Beaumont V, Menzies C & Takai K

(2018) Methane Cycling in the Serpentinizing Shallow-Sea Vents of the Prony Hydrothermal Field, New Caledonia
Price R, Sutcliffe C, Sherwood-Lollar B, Erauso G, Quéméneur M, Postec A, Monnin C, Wehrmann L, Gillikin D, Menez B, Pelletier B, Payri C & Hoehler T

(2017) Melt-Rock Interactions in South Armorican Peridotites
Aertgeerts G, Lorand J-P, Monnier C & La C

(2017) Silicon Isotopes of Off-Axis Ridge Fluids: Constraints on the Oceanic Si Budget
André L, Planchon F, Delvigne C, Cardinal D & Monnin C

(2017) Seawater Recirculation Versus Karstic Groundwater Driven DSi Fluxes to a Coastal Mediterranean Lagoon
Tamborski J, Bejannin S, Souhaut M, Garcia-Orellana J, Claude C, Stieglitz T, Pujo-Pay M, Conan P, Crispi O, Monnin C & van Beek P

(2016) An Investigation of Mineral Formation during Mixing of Low Temperature Serpentinization-Derived Hyperalkaline Waters, Seawater and Continental Runoff Waters
Monnin C

(2016) The Low Temperature Hyperalkaline Hydrothermal System of the Prony Bay (New Caledonia)
Pelletier B, Monnin C, Boulart C, Chavagnac V, Erauso G, Gerard M, Gerard E, Guentas L, Menez B, Payri C, Pisapia C, Postec A & Quemeneur M

(2016) Stability of Intermediate N Valence Species in the Context of Prebiotic Hydrothermal Chemistry
Berger G, Truche L & Monnin C

(2016) Delta26Mg-Delta30Si of Off-Axis Ridge Fluids: Constraints on the Ridge Flank Water Flux and the Oceanic Mg-Si Budgets
André L, Planchon F, Delvigne C & Monnin C

(2014) Si and Mg Isotopic Compositions of Low Temperature Off-Axis Ridge Fluids
Delvigne C, Planchon F, Monnin C & André L

(2011) Characterization of Hyperalkaline Fluids Produced by Serpentinization of Mantle Peridotites in Oman and in Liguria (Northern Italy)
Monnin C, Chavagnac V, Ceuleneer G, Boulart C & Hoareau G

(2011) Spatial and Temporal Variability of Fluid and Gas Chemical Composition at the Lucky Strike Hydrothermal Vent Site (Mid-Atlantic Ridge)
Chavagnac V, Boulart C, Monnin C & Castillo A

(2009) Fluid Circulation in the Oceanic Crust: The Case of the Alkaline Springs of the Oman Ophiolite
Chavagnac V, Monnin C, Ceuleneer G & Destrigneville C

(2009) A Study of Sulfate Mineral Stability in Marine Sediments Using the Whole ODP/IODP Porewater Composition Data Base
Hoareau G, Monnin C & Odonne F

(2007) The Stability of Calcite and Aragonite in Sediments Overlying Zones of Basement Fluid Upwelling in the Eastern Flank of the Juan de Fuca Ridge
Monnin C, Wheat G & Mottl M

(2006) A thermodynamic and mineralogical study of the (Ba,Sr)SO4 solid solution: application to the calculation of the saturation state of the world's ocean with respect to substituted barites
Monnin C, Cividini D & Seydoux-Guillaume A-M

(2005) The Behavior of Chlorine and d<+>37<$>Cl during the Oceanic Crust Alteration
Bonifacie M, Jendrzejewski N, Agrinier P, Monnin C, Laverne C, Coleman M, Charlou J & Javoy M

(2004) Chemical Potentials of Dissolved Species in Marine Sediment Porewaters
Monnin C

(2004) The Geodynamic Cycle of Chlorine Based on d37 Cl
Bonifacie M, Jendrzejzwski N, Agrinier P, Pineau F, Charlou J & Monnin C

(2004) Anhydrite Solubility in Seawater to 200℃ and to 500bars
Bouchez J, Monnin C & Goffe B

(2002) The Influence of Basement Fluid Upwelling and Diagenetic Reactions on Mineral Stabilities in Oceanic Ridge Flank Sediments
Monnin C, Wheat G & Mottl M

(2002) Thermodynamic Modelling of Lithium-Bearing Aqueous Solutions
Dubois M, Monnin C, Papainocomou N & Simonin J-P

(2002) Kinetic Study of Bio-Barite Preservation in Deep-Sea Sediments
Viollier E, Voitel L, Rabouille C, Robin E, Monnin C & van Beek P

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