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All abstracts by Alessandra Montanini in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Garnet Pyroxenites from the External Ligurian Ophiolites Link Mafic Crust Recycling to HIMU Basalts Genesis
Secchiari A, Montanini A, Tribuzio R & Bosch D

(2020) The New Caledonia Mantle Section: Tracking Source Depletion and Contamination Processes in a Supra-Subduction Setting
Montanini A, Secchiari A, Bosch D, Cluzel D & Macera P

(2019) Record of Melt-Rock Interaction in the Extending Lithosphere (Ligurian Mantle Sequences, N Apennine, Italy)
Ferrari E, Montanini A, Tribuzio R, Van Acken D & Luguet A

(2019) Origin of Chemical and Nd-Hf Isotope Heterogeneity in Depleted Mantle Domains from the Alpine-Apennine Ophiolites
Montanini A, Tribuzio R, Bosch D & Rumbolo T

(2017) Pyroxenites as Carriers of Isotopic Heterogeneity in the Oceanic Mantle
van Acken D, Luguet A, Montanini A, Debaille V, Tribuzio R, Nowell GM & Daly JS

(2013) Highly Siderophile and Chalcophile Element Systematics of Crust-Derived Ligurian Garnet Pyroxenites
Montanini A, Luguet A, König S & Tribuzio R

(2009) Evidence for Crustal Recycling and Refertilisation in the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle: The Peridotite-Pyroxenite Sequence from the External Ligurides, Northern Italy
Montanini A, Tribuzio R & Thirlwall M

(2006) Garnet pyroxenite layers from the mantle peridotites of the Northern Apennine ophiolites, Italy: evidence for recycling of crustal material ?
Montanini A, Tribuzio R & Thirlwall M

(2003) Graphite-Bearing Garnet Pyroxenite Layers within Mantle Peridotites from the Northern Apennine (Italy)
Montanini A, Tribuzio R & Bersani D

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