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All abstracts by Jean E. Moran in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Quantifying Groundwater Discharge to Subalpine Streams Using Radon
Moran J, DeRubeis E, Visser A, Singleton M, Uriostegui S & Esser B

(2012) Groundwater Vulnerability to Climate Change in High Elevation Catchments of the Sierra Nevada
Moran J, Singleton M, Hillegonds D, Shaw G, Conklin M, Esser B & Visser A

(2011) Anthropogenic Contributions of 129I and 85Kr to Global Reservoirs: Current Distribution Patterns and Projected Increases
Snyder GT, Moran JE & Aldahan AA

(2008) Arsenic Mobilization Associated with Applied Recharge of low-TDS Water in Central Valley, California
Esser BK, McNab WW, Moran JE & Singleton MJ

(2008) Dissolved Gas and Isotopic Tracers of Denitrification
Singleton M, Moran JE, Esser B, McNab W, Carle S & Cey B

(2005) Experimental Results from Iodine Speciation and Transport Studies
Moran J, Hu Q, Nelson E & Zhao P

(2005) Near-Conservative Behavior of <+>129<$>Iodine in the Orange County Aquifer System, California
Schwehr K, Santschi P, Moran J & Elmore D

(2005) Age-Dating Groundwater Discharge in the Merced River Basin, California Using Noble Gasses and Chlorine-36
Shaw G, Hudson GB, Moran J, Nimz G & Conklin M

(2005) Using Tritium-Helium Groundwater Age to Assess Contamination Vulnerability in California
Moran J, Hudson B, Eaton G & Leif R

(2005) New Approaches to Characterizing Microbial Denitrification in the Saturated Zone
Esser BK, Beller HR, Carle SF, Hudson GB, Kane SR, LeTain TE, McNab WW & Moran JE

(2004) Source Ages of Hydrocarbons: 129I Investigations of Oil Field Brines, Gas Hydrates and Coal-Bed Methane
Fehn U, Snyder G & Moran J

(2004) Factors Influencing the Global Distribution of Iodine-129 in the Environment: A Look at the Iodine Cycle in Surface Reservoirs
Snyder G, Fehn U, Muramatsu Y, Sultana M, Moran J & Rao U

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