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All abstracts by Diego Morata in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Understanding Late-Stage Rhyolitic Magmatism in the Andean Central Volcanic Zone Through a Melt Inclusion Geochemical Study in Silicic Lava Domes
Hernández Prat L, Astudillo Manosalva D, Cannatelli C, Godoy B, Castruccio A, Morata D & Elardo SM

(2022) Effects of Hydrogeochemistry on the Microbial Ecology of Terrestrial Hot Springs
Barbosa C, Tamayo-Leiva J, Alcorta J, Salgado O, Diez B & Morata D

(2021) Development of a Brine Treatment Strategy for Enhancing Geothermal Energy Production and Associated Raw Material Extraction
Goldberg VM, Winter D, Nitschke F, Morata D, Koschikowski J & Kohl T

(2021) Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution of the El Laco Iron Deposit Revealed by Trace Element Geochemistry and High-Resolution Chemical Mapping of Ore and Gangue Minerals
Ovalle JTT, Reich M, Barra F, Simon A, Deditius A, Le Vaillant M & Morata D

(2019) Melt Inclusion Study from the Quaternary Pudahuel Ignimbrite: A Window to Magma Chamber Processes
Pineda C, Cannatelli C, Ruprecht P & Morata D

(2018) Geochemistry and Environmental Tracer Signature of Thermal Waters in an Andean Geothermal System
Pérez-Moreno R, Reich M, Daniele L, Tardani D, Wrage J, Sánchez-Alfaro P, Held S, Delgado A & Morata D

(2018) Carbon-14 Dating of Silica Sinter Deposits from El Tatio, Chile
Slagter S, Reich M, Muñoz-Sáez C, Morata D & Southon J

(2018) Geochemistry and Petrology of Holocene Alkaline Basalts from the Puyuhuapi Volcanic Group, Chilean Southern Andes: A Melt Inclusion Study
Wong M, Cannatelli C, Morata D, Frezzotti ML, Buscher J & Moncada D

(2018) Geochemical Evolution of La Torta Lava Dome, El Tatio, Chile, Through Melt Inclusions
Hernández L, Cannatelli C, Godoy B & Morata D

(2018) Geochemical and Micro-Textural Fingerprints of Boiling in Pyrite
Reich M, Román N, Leisen M, Barra F, Morata D & Deditius A

(2018) Sulfur XANES Investigation of Upper Mantle Metasomatic Apatite
Tassara S, Reich M, Konecke B, González Jiménez J-M, Fiege A, Simon A, Morata D & Barra F

(2017) Gold Particles in Upper Mantle Xenoliths
Tassara CS, González-Jiménez JM, Reich M, Morata D, Schilling M & Barra F

(2017) Reassessing the Role of Organic Matter on Metal Transport and Deposition in Chilean Stratabound Cu Deposits
Herazo A, Reich M, Barra F & Morata D

(2015) Geochemistry of Precious Metals and Metalloids in Silica Sinter Deposits from Puchuldiza, Northern Chile: Implications for Metal Transport and Precipitation in High-Altitud Active Geothermal Environments
Sánchez C, Reich M, Leisen M, Morata D & Barra F

(2015) Intracrystalline Deformation of Magmatic Olivine: A microXRD, EBSD, and EPMA Study of Lavas from the Southern Chilean Andes
Vinet N, Flemming R, Houde V, Morgado E, Morata D & Barra F

(2014) Is There a Link between IOCG and Manto-Type Deposits in the Andes of Northern Chile?
Barra F, Morata D, Reich M, Campos E & Simon A

(2011) U-Pb Dating of Very Low-Grade Metamorphic Titanite
Oliveros V, Simonetti A & Morata D

(2009) Cristobalite Nanofibers in Volcanic Ash from the Ongoing Explosive Eruption at Chaitén Volcano, Chilean Patagonia
Reich M, Zuniga A, Amigo A, Vargas G, Morata D, Palacios C, Parada MA & Garreaud R

(2009) Bacteriogenic and Magmatic S Sources in the Cabildo Cu District (Chile)
Moreno-Rodriguez V, Carrillo-Rosua J, Morales-Ruano S, Morata D & Boyce A

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