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All abstracts by Manuel Moreira in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Heterogeneity of Calcium Isotopes in Earth’s Mantle
Chen H, Savage P, Valdes M, Puchtel I, Day J, Jackson M, Moreira M & Moynier F

(2013) Non-Chondritic Sulfur Isotope Composition of the Earth’s Mantle: Implications on Planetary Differentiation
Labidi J, Cartigny P & Moreira M

(2013) Origin of Noble Gases on Earth: A Mixture of Solar, Solar Wind Implantation and Phase Q
Moreira M & Roubinet C

(2013) Heavy Noble Gases in Enstatite Chondrites. Implications for the Earth Primordial Signature and its Evolution
Roubinet C & Moreira M

(2013) Major and Trace Elements Composition of Basalts from Ultramafic and Volcanic Seafloor. Southwest Indian Ridge (61 to 67°E)
Paquet M, Hamelin C, Moreira M & Cannat M

(2013) Early Diagenesis of Sulfur and Trace Element Pyritization in Sediments of a Tropical Upwelling System: Cabo Frio, Southeastern Brazil
Mendoza U, Díaz R, Moreira M, Amorim N, Böttcher ME, Machado W, Patchineelam S, Capilla R & Albuquerque AL

(2013) Sulfurization of Humic Acids during Early Diagenesis in Surface Sediments of a Tropical Upwelling System
Díaz R, Mendoza U, Böttcher ME, Moreira M, Machado W, Capilla R & Albuquerque AL

(2012) A New Way to Look at Mantle Heterogeneities: Multiple Sulfur-Isotope on Pacific Antarctic Ridge
Labidi J, Cartigny P, Hamelin C, Moreira M, Dosso L & Assayag N

(2011) Magma Degassing Processes during Plinian Eruptions of La Montagne Pelée (Martinique, F.W.I.)
Ruzié L & Moreira M

(2011) He and Ne Isotopic Ratios from the Terceira Rift (Azores): Constraints on the Boundary between Eurasia and Nubia Mantle Sources
Madureira P, Moreira M, Nunes J, Lourenço N, Gautheron C, Carvalho R, Mata J & Pinto de Abreu M

(2011) Hydrogeochemical Survey of CO2 Geological Leakage Using Noble Gases: Application to the Furnas Caldera (Azores, Portugual)
Gréau C, Moreira M, Agrinier P, Lagneau V, Schneider H, Madureira P & Ruzié L

(2011) He-Pb Lead Evidence for Marble Cake Under the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge
Moreira M, Hamelin C & Dosso L

(2010) Atmospheric Evolution of Terrestrial Planets Constrained by Isotopic Data: The Effects of Degassing on Mars
Gillmann C, Lognonné P, Chassefière E & Moreira M

(2010) Geochemical Portray of the Pacific Ridge Using Statistical Techniques
Hamelin C, Dosso L, Moreira M, Hanan B & Kositsky AP

(2009) Rare Gases on Off-Axis Seamounts: Constraints on the Marble-Cake Model
Moreira M, Gayer E, Guillon F, Dosso L & Ondreas H

(2009) Cosmogenic 21Ne and 10Be Dating on Offset Fans along the Dead Sea Transform, Jordan
Gayer E, LeBéon M, Klinger Y, Moreira M, Anne-Mériaux A-S & Al-Quaryouti M

(2009) Noble Gas in Volcanic Thermal Springs: A Window on Hydrothermal System
Ruzié L & Moreira M

(2009) The Differential Migration of Noble Gases as Leakage Proxy in CO2 Geological Storage
Giannesini S, Prinzhofer A, Moreira M, Magnier C & Schneider F

(2008) Helium and Trace Element Geochemical Signals in the Southwest Indian Ocean
Gautheron C, Bézos A, Moreira M & Humler E

(2008) Influence of the Bound Water on Molecular Migration of CO2 and Noble Gases in Clay Media
Giannesini S, Prinzhofer A, Moreira M & Magnier C

(2008) Helium-Ne-Ar Systematic in Lena Trough Lavas, Arctic Ocean
Nauret F, Moreira M & Snow JE

(2008) Extra-Sedimentary Fluids in Petroleum Systems: Evidence of Subducting Slab Degassing
Prinzhofer A & Moreira M

(2008) Are Noble Gases Subducted in the Deep Mantle ?
Moreira M & Raquin A

(2008) He, Ne and Ar Systematics in Single Vesicles: Mantle Isotopic Ratios and Origin of the Air Component in Basaltic Glasses
Raquin A, Moreira M & Guillon F

(2008) Noble Gases in Pumices: Magmatic or Atmosphere-Derived?
Ruzié L & Moreira M

(2008) Noble Gases as Precursors of CO2 Deep Storage Leaks Towards Surface
Lafortune S, Moreira M, Agrinier P, Schneider H & Catalette H

(2007) Geochemical Segmentation of the Pacific Antarctic Ridge
Dosso L, Hamelin C, Hanan B, Moreira M & Barrat J-A

(2007) Tracking CO2 Leakage with Noble Gases
Giannesini S, Prinzhofer A, Moreira M & Magnier C

(2007) First Steps in the Feasibility Study of CO2 Geological Storages Monitoring Through Noble Gas Geochemistry
Lafortune S, Moreira M, Agrinier P, Schneider H & Catalette H

(2007) Isotope Evidences for the Origin of Cape Verde Oceanic Carbonatites
Doucelance R, Mata J, Moreira M & Silva LC

(2007) Further Helium Isotopic Evidence for a Lower Mantle Contribution to the Cape Verde Plume
Mourão C, Mata J, Moreira M, Doucelance R & Madeira J

(2007) Is the Isotope Composition of Reunion Really Homogeneous?
Nauret F, Arigot M, Louvat P & Moreira M

(2007) Coupling Crushing and Laser Ablation in Submarine Glasses Provide New Constraints on Noble Gases Composition of Earth's Mantle
Raquin A, Moreira M & Kurz M

(2007) Noble Gas Concentrations and Isotopic Ratios in Single Chondrules Using Laser Ablation: Constraints on the Origin of Noble Gases in Chondrites
Moreira M

(2007) Open System Behaviour and Early Chronologies in the Solar System
Allegre CJ, Göpel C, Manhes G & Moreira M

(2006) He, Ne and Ar systematic on the scale of vesicle: implication for noble gases behavior in the mantle.
Raquin A, Guillon F & Moreira M

(2005) Cosmogenic Helium and Neon Extracted by Crushing: A Technique for Discriminating between Mantle and Cosmogenic Helium
Moreira M & Madureira P

(2005) The Azores Hotspot: A Lower Mantle Origin for Terceira Magmas as Shown by NE Isotopic Data
Madureira P, Moreira M & Mata J

(2004) Helium-Neon Systematics in OIB and the Nature of the Source of Mantle Plumes
Moreira M, Doucet S, Madureira P, Lecomte A & Allegre C

(2004) Multiple Olivine He Isotopic Signatures from a Single Rock Sample
Madureira P, Moreira M, Mata J & Queiroz G

(2002) Os, Sr, Nd, Pb Isotopic Systematics in Basalts and Carbonatites from Fogo Island, Cape Verde
Escrig S, Doucelance R & Moreira M

(2002) Evaluation of the Rare Gas Contents in the Mantle and the „helium Paradox‰
Moreira M & Kaminski E

(2002) Rare Gas Systematics on North Atlantic Basalts (33 to 45°N)
Gautheron CE & Moreira M

(2001) Vesiculation and Vesicle Loss in Normal Ridge Magmas Traced by He-Ne-Ar Concentrations and Pressure Influence on Rare Gas Solubilities
Sarda P, Moreira M & Chamorro-Pérez E

(2000) He-Ne Systematics in MORB, Loihi, Iceland and Pitcairn: Constraints on He Loss in OIB
Moreira M, Gautheron C & Allègre C

(2000) Helium Residence Time in the Subcontinental Mantle
Gautheron C & Moreira M

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