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All abstracts by Ana Moreno in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Resolving the Rapid Rate of Deglaciation over Termination II in Speleothem Records
Stoll H, Cacho I, Gasson E, Moreno A, Perez C, Cheng H, Edwards RL & Iglesias M

(2019) Trace Elements Deposition Mechanism Analyzed in a 1000 Year Stalagmite in the South of Spain
Campa-Bousoño C, Vadillo I, Pisonero J, Moreno A, Iglesias M, Cheng H, Lawrence Edwards R & Stoll H

(2017) Triple Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes in Hydration Water of Lacustrine Gypsum for Quantitative Paleo-Humidity Estimates
Gazquez F, Morellon M, Bauska T, Herwartz D, Surma J, Moreno A, Staubwasser M, Valero-Garces B & Hodell DA

(2014) Interpreting Climatic Signals from Stalagmite Trace Element and Isotopic Records Using Simple Geochemical Models and Growth Rate Constraints
Stoll H, Moreno A, Cacho I, Mendez-Vicente A, Cheng H & Edwards RL

(2009) Speleothem Evidence for Coupling between Iberian Peninsula Hydrology and North Atlantic Oceanic and Atmospheric Modes
Stoll H, Moreno A, Banasiak A, Jimenez-Sanchez M, Cacho I, Vadillo I, Burns S, Dominguez-Cuesta MJ, Edwards RL & Cheng H

(2007) A High-Resolution Study of Diatom Oxygen Isotopes in a Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene Laminated Record from Lake Chungará (Andean Altiplano, Northern Chile)
Hernández A, Bao R, Giralt S, Leng MJ, Barker PA, Pueyo JJ, Sáez A, Moreno A, Valero-Garcés B & Sloane HJ

(2004) Isolation of a 35 kDa Protein from the Organic Matrix of Seashell of Haliotis Fulgens
Villarreal E, Arzate H, Hernandez-Santoyo A & Moreno A

(2002) Saharan Dust Transport and High Latitude Glacial Climatic Variability at Millennial Time-Scale
Moreno A, Cacho I, Canals M, Prins MA, Sánchez-Goñi MF & Grimalt JO

(2000) Orbital Forcing of Dust Supply to the North Canary Basin over the Last 250 kyrs
Moreno A, Targarona J, Henderiks J, Canals M & Freudenthal T

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