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All abstracts by Daniel J. Morgan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Metasomatism and Melt-Rock Interactions in Spinel Peridotites from Borée, Massif Central, France
Barnett C, Harvey J, Morgan D, Hammond S & Walshaw R

(2015) Constraining Magmatic Evolution and Residence Timescales at the Nola Seamount, Cape Verde
Barker A, Baron M, Morgan D, Troll V, Majka J, Hansteen T & Manecki M

(2015) FINDIF and AutoDiff – 2-D and 1-D Diffusion Processing from BSE Images with Uncertainty Constraint
Morgan D

(2013) Fungi-Mineral Interface: Hotspot of Weathering in Soils
Bonneville S, Bray A, Schmalenberger A, Morgan DJ, Brown A, Banwart S & Benning LG

(2013) Combined Diffusion Studies in Sanidine, Quartz and Orthopyroxene: Timescales of Magma Mixing in the Bishop Tuff
Chamberlain KJ, Morgan DJ & Wilson CJN

(2011) Timescales of Eruption Triggering and Magma Transport from Element Diffusion in Minerals
Morgan D

(2011) Magmatic Processes Leading to Explosive Mafic Eruptions of Volcán de Colima, Mexico
Crummy J, Savov I, Morgan D, Navarro-Ochoa C, Wilson M & Loughlin S

(2011) Fungi Accelerate Mineral Weathering via a Synergy of Mechanical and Chemical Attacks
Bonneville S, Morgan DJ, Bray AW, Brown A, Schmalenberger A, Banwart S & Benning LG

(2010) Fungi on the Rocks!
Bonneville S, Morgan D, Bray A, Brown A, Duran A, Schmalenberger A & Benning LG

(2009) Forward Models of Geomorphic Processes Used to Interpret Complex Cosmogenic-Nuclide Data Sets
Balco G, Rood D, Morgan D & Behr W

(2009) Quantifying Chemical Weathering at the Biotite-Mycorrhiza Interface
Bonneville S, Morgan D, Brown A, Smits M, Duran A, Schmalenberger A, Leake J, Banwart S, Brydson R & Benning L

(2008) Bedrock Erosion Rates in the Antarctic Dry Valleys
Balco G, Putkonen J, Morgan D, Schaefer J & Winckler G

(2007) 2-D Diffusion Modelling – Extracting Timescales and Crystal Histories from BSE Images
Morgan D & Martin V

(2007) Magmatic Timescales Using Diffusion Profiles in Olivine from Nea Kameni, Santorini, Greece
Martin V, Morgan D & Davidson J

(2006) Timescale of Magmatic Processes by In-Situ Sr-isotope Data in the Present-Day Activity of Stromboli, Italy
Francalanci L, Nardini I, Tiepolo M, Chertkoff DG, Morgan DJ, Avanzinelli R & Davidson JP

(2006) Crystal isotope stratigraphy; time constraints on magmatic processes
Davidson J & Morgan D

(2006) Fully quantifyed crystal populations? Combining CSD and microanalysis to constrain timescales and contamination in magmas
Jerram D, Morgan D & Davidson J

(2004) Non-Slab Melt Origin for Adakites from Mindanao, Philippines
Macpherson C, Charlier B, Morgan D, Dreher S, Chertkoff D & Jerram D

(2004) Crystal Inheritance and Mixing in Products of the Campi Flegrei Caldera, Italy
Morgan D, Davidson J, Pearson G, Nowell G & Civetta L

(2004) Textural and Strontium Isotopic Analysis of Plagioclase Phenocrysts from Stromboli Volcano (Aeolian Islands): Evidence for Open-System Magmatic Proces
Chertkoff D, Morgan D, Francalanci L, Davidson J, Pearson G, Jerram D & Nowell G

(2004) Crystal Isotope Clues to Subvolcanic Magmatic Evolution and Eruption Triggering
Davidson J, Charlier B, Morgan D, Chertkoff D, Ginibre C & Nowell G

(2002) The Evolution of the Youngest Toba Tuff: A Crystal Disequilibrium Study
Thomas L, Blake S, Kelley S & Morgan D

(2002) Determination of Crystal Residence Times and Magma Chamber Volumes: Vesuvius 1944
Morgan D, Blake S & Rogers N

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