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All abstracts by Frederick Mosselmans in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Incorporation of Technetium-99 into Nanoparticulate Magnetite
Shaw S, Marshall T, Morris K, Law G, Bots P & Mosselmans F

(2015) Bacteria-Induced Changes in Zinc Speciation Counteract its Toxicity Despite Increased Bioavailability to Plants
Ngwenya B, Adediran G, Adele N, Heal K & Mosselmans F

(2015) Impact of Heat, Gamma- and Alpha-Radiation on the Clay Barrier in a Geological Disposal Facility for Radioactive Waste
Pearce C, Bower W, Pattrick R, Mosselmans F, Sims A, Devine J & Rosso K

(2015) Uranium Incorporation into Magnetite with Varying Fe(II)/Fe(III) and U Concentration
Roberts H, Law G, Morris K, Mosselmans F & Shaw S

(2015) Controls on the Fate and Speciation of Np(V) during Iron (Oxyhydr)oxide Crystallisation
Bots P, Shaw S, Law G, Marshall T, Mosselmans F & Morris K

(2015) A Reassessment of the Oxidation State of Iron in MORB Glasses
Berry A, Stewart G, O'Neill H, Mallman G & Mosselmans F

(2015) Examining Radiation Damage Effects in Phyllosilicates with Applications to Radioactive Waste Geodisposal
Bower W, Pearce C, Mosselmans F, Haigh S, Pimblott S & Pattrick R

(2014) BIGRAD: Uranium(VI) Nanoparticles in Geodisposal Relevant Conditions
Bots P, Morris K, Hibberd R, Smith K, Law G, Mosselmans F, Brown A, Doutch J, Smith A & Shaw S

(2014) Nano-Scale TEM Imaging of Caesium Incorporation into Illite Interlayers
Fuller A, Shaw S, Ward M, Haigh S, Mosselmans F, Peacock C, Stackhouse S, Dent A, Trivedi D & Burke I

(2014) In situ U ReflEXAFS from Single Crystal Mineral Surfaces
Mosselmans F, Wogelius R, van Veelen A, Ryan M, Morris K & Qi J

(2013) Zn Immobilization by Lumbricus Terrestris Calcium Carbonate Biomineralized Granules
Brinza L, Mosselmans JFW, Schofield PF, Donner E, Lombi E & Hodson ME

(2013) The Oxidation State of Uranium in Basaltic Magmas
Halse H, Berry A, Schofield P, Mosselmans F, Kvashnina K & Cibin G

(2013) The Oxidation States of Cerium and Europium in Silicate Melts as a Function of Oxygen Fugacity, Composition and Temperature
Berry AJ, Burnham AD, Halse HR, Cibin G & Mosselmans JFW

(2012) Uranium Incorporation during Iron (Oxyhydr)oxide Crystallisation at Hyperalkaline pH
Marshall T, Law G, Morris K, Mosselmans F & Shaw S

(2011) Strontium Incorporation into Carbonate Granules Secreted by Earthworms
Brinza L, Mosselmans FW, Schofield P, Quinn PD & Hodson ME

(2011) The Oxidation State of Ti in Synthetic and Meteoritic Hibonite
Doyle P, Berry A, Schofield P, Mosselmans F, Smith A, Scholl A & Young T

(2011) Initial Results from a New Time Resolved Microfocus XEOL Facility at the Diamond Light Source
Mosselmans F, Taylor R, Finch A & Quinn P

(2011) Time Resolved Luminescence of Framework Silicates
Taylor R, Finch A, Mosselmans F & Quinn P

(2011) Radiation Damage in Biotite: Defined by Micro XAS and XRD
Pattrick R, Geraki T, Charnock J, Pearce C, Mosselmans F, Pimblott S & Droop G

(2009) Microbial Geomorphology – The Role of a Biota in Coastal Erosion
Cockell C, Pybus D, Olsson-Francis K, Petley D, Howard K, Busemann H & Mosselmans F

(2009) The Oxidation State of Uranium in Zircon
Berry A, O'Neill H & Mosselmans F

(2009) The Effect of Water-Rock Ratios on Microbial Weathering of Basalt
Simpson A, Grady M, Mosselmans F & Cockell C

(2001) Uranium(VI)-Citrate Speciation — pH and Temperature Dependence
Schofield PF, Bailey EH & Mosselmans JFW

(2000) An XAS Study of the pH and Temperature Dependence of Uranium Speciation in Acetate and Citrate Solutions
Bailey E, Mosselmans F & Schofield P

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