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All abstracts by Bruce William Mountain in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Lipid Preservation in Hot Spring Silica Deposits: Elucidating Geothermal Chemistry and Ecology
Kaur G, Mountain B & Pancost R

(2012) The Solubility of Amorphous Aluminous Silica between 100 – 350℃: Implications for Scaling in Geothermal Power Stations
Bjorke J, Mountain B & Seward T

(2012) Experimental Study of Stibnite Solubility and Antimony Complexation in Aqueous Sulfide Solutions from 20 to 95ËšC
Olsen N, Mountain B & Seward T

(2012) Experimental Simulation of Brine Re-injection Under Subcritical and Supercritical Conditions
Mountain B & Sonney R

(2011) Experimental Fluid-Rock Interaction Simulating Brine Reinjection in Greywacke-Hosted Reservoirs of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Sonney R & Mountain BW

(2009) Lipid Biomarkers in Geothermal Sediments: Occurrences, Implications and Applications
Pancost R, Kaur G, Roberts Z, Talbot H, Gibson R, Schouten S & Mountain B

(2008) Metal-Mineral-Microbe Interactions in Experimental Microcosms Using New Zealand Thermophiles
Mountain B, Childs A, Daughney C & Stott M

(2006) Using microbial lipids in ancient sinters to elucidate past geothermal chemistry and microbiology
Kaur G, Hall M, Mountain B, Benning L, Schouten S & Pancost R

(2006) The silicification of extremophilic biofilms: Abiotic vs. biotic
Mountain BW, Benning LG, Dunfield PF & Stott MB

(2006) Microbial community structure at Champagne Pool, Waiotapu, New Zealand
Childs A, Mountain BW & O'Toole R

(2004) Thermophilic Biofilms and Silica Laminates: A Causative Relationship?
Mountain B, Benning L & Handley K

(2003) Metalliferous Stromatolites from New Zealand Hot Springs
Mountain B, Benning L & Jackson S

(2002) Biosilicification and Biodiversity in Wastewater from Wairakei Power Station, New Zealand
Mountain BW, Boerema J & Benning L

(2002) Tl and Au in Low T Hydrothermal Fluids: An Experimental Study
Muller M & Mountain B

(2000) The Hydrosulphide/sulphide Complexes of Copper(I): Experimental Confirmation of the Stoichiometry and Stability of Cu(HS)2- to Elevated Temperature
Mountain BW & Seward TM

(2000) Precipitation Rates of Quartz from Wairakei (New Zealand) Geothermal Field Brine at Temperatures between 200℃ and 250℃
Mroczek EK, White SP & Mountain BW

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