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All abstracts by Paul A. Mueller in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Nd, Pb and Hf Isotope Provenance of Glacial Granitic Pebbles in Late Ordovician Diamictites of the Taurides, S Turkey
Gürsu S, Möller A, Mueller PA, Köksal S, Kamenov G & Göncüoğlu MC

(2014) Plumes, Plates, and Protocontinents: A U-Pb Perspective
Mueller P, Wooden J & Perfit M

(2013) Deciphering Crustal Evolution from Metamorphic and Geochemical Signatures in Calc-Silicate Gneisses
Fukai I, Dutrow B, Henry D, Mueller P & Foster D

(2012) Dating Old Groundwater by Multiple Tracers Including Krypton 81
Love A, Purtschert R, Lu Z-T, Fulton S, Shand P, Jiang W, Mueller P, Yang G-M, Wohling D, Aeschbach-Hertig W, Broder L, Kipfer R, Priestley S, Gueutin P & Tosaki Y

(2010) Profiling Eoarchean Magmatic Crustal Growth Using the Elemental and Isotopic Composition of Zircons
Mueller P & Wooden J

(2010) Reliability of LA-MC-ICP-MS Hf Isotope Analyzes: Insights from Natural and Synthetic Zircons
Kamenov G, Mueller P, Wooden J & Mazdab F

(2010) Melt Evolution in a Calc-Alkalic Batholith Recorded in Silicate and Oxide Mineral Assemblages
Barth A, Wooden J & Mueller P

(2010) Plutonic Imaging of Two Proterozoic Underplating Events in the NW Wyoming Province from Hf-Isotopes of Zircon from Cretaceous Batholiths
Foster D, Mueller P, Heatherington A, Kamenov G & Gifford J

(2009) Crustal Growth and Recycling during Supercontinent Cycles: Evidence from Detrital Zircon Hf-Isotope Data from the Damara Orogen
Foster D & Mueller P

(2008) Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence for the Origin of the Boulder Batholith, Montana
Wooden J, Mazdab F, Mueller PA, Aleinikoff J, Lund K, Wiegand B, Kita N & Valley J

(2008) Plutonic Imaging: A Key to Understanding Crustal Evolution
Foster D, Mueller PA, Mogk D, Wooden J, Kamenov G & Probst K

(2008) Evidence for Recycling of Crust and Mantle Lithosphere during a 2.4 Ga Rifting Event
Stroud M, Mueller PA, Foster D, Kamenov G, Mogk D & Wooden J

(2007) Mantle and Crustal Processes in the Hadean and Archean: Evidence for the Onset of Subduction at 3.8 Ga
Shirey S, Kamber B, Whitehouse M, Mueller P & Basu A

(2006) Radiokrypton Analysis in the 21st Century: Development and Application of a Laser Atom Trap
Sturchio N, Lu Z-T, Mueller P, Bailey K, O'connor T, Yokochi R & Probst P

(2006) Linking metamorphism, deformation and geochronology of accessory phases: examples from the Kaoko Belt, Namibia
Foster D, Coyner S, Mueller P, Kamenov G, Gray D & Goscombe B

(2005) Basement Influence on Phanerozoic Tectono-Magmatic History of the Northern Rocky Mountains
Foster D, Mueller P, Vogl J, Mogk D, Wooden J & Heatherington A

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