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All abstracts by Andreas Mulch in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Late Carboniferous Paleoelevation of the Variscan Belt: A Stable Isotope Paleoaltimetry Study in the French Massif Central
Dusséaux C, Gébelin A, Ruffet G & Mulch A

(2020) High Salinity Changes in Response to Tectonic Restriction in the Upper Miocene of Mediterranean
Butiseaca G-A, Kontakiotis G, Besiou E, Agiadi K, Antonarakou A, Mulch A & Popa-Vasiliev I

(2019) High-Precision Analysis of ∆48 and ∆47: Resolving Temperature from the Kinetic Information Recorded in Carbonates
Fiebig J, Bajnai D, Löffler N, Methner K, Krsnik E, Mulch A, Prud'homme C & Guo W

(2019) Characterization of Meteoric Water Infiltration in Variscan Shear Zones
Dusséaux C, Gébelin A, Boulvais P, Gardien V, Dubois M, Ruffet G, Poujol M, Branquet Y, Mottram C, Grimes S & Mulch A

(2017) Mid-Miocene Infiltration of Meteoric Water in the South Tibetan Detachment (Mt Everest, Himalaya)
Gébelin A, Jessup M, Teyssier C, Cosca MA, Law RD, Brunel M & Mulch A

(2017) Deep Penetration of Meteoric Water in Variscan Ductile Shear Zones
Dusséaux C, Gébelin A, Boulvais P, Dubois M, Gardien V, Grimes S & Mulch A

(2017) Applying the Clumped Isotope Paleothermometer to Teeth from T. rex and C. Megalodon
Löffler N, Böttcher ME, Fiebig J, Tütken T & Mulch A

(2016) Tracking Anatolian Lithosphere Evolution with 'Tectonochemistry'
Whitney D, Meijers M, Lefebvre C, Cosca M, Thomson S & Mulch A

(2016) Tracing Meteoric Fluids in Fault and Detachment Systems
Mulch A, Teyssier C, Chamberlain CP, Zwingmann H & Mancktelow N

(2013) It’s Getting Hot on Earth – The Middle Eocene Climatic Optimum in a Terrestrial Sedimentary Record
Methner K, Wacker U, Fiebig J, Mulch A & Chamberlain CP

(2012) Late Miocene Central Anatolian Surface Uplift and Orographic Rainout from Stable Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope Records
Mikes T, Mulch A, Schemmel F, Cosentino D, Rojay B & Aydar E

(2011) Analysis of δD and δ18O in Clay Minerals for Reconstructing Paleoenvironmental Parameters
Bauer K, Vennemann T & Mulch A

(2011) 87Sr/86Sr Isotope Ratios in Single Benthic Foraminifera by LA-MC-ICPMS
Mikes T, Gerdes A, Hudáčková N & Mulch A

(2009) A Late Miocene Stable Isotope Paleosoil Record of Andean Foreland Precipitation
Mulch A, Uba C, Strecker M, Schönberg R & Chamberlain CP

(2008) Secondary Weathering Phases and Apatite (U-Th)/He Ages
Reiners P, Thomson S, Tipple B, Peyton L, Rahl J & Mulch A

(2007) Stable Isotopic Evidence of Evolving Laramide Landscape in the Central North American Cordillera
Davis S, Mulch A & Chamberlain P

(2007) Cenozoic Topographic and Climatic Change in the Western U.S. From a Paleosol Carbonate Record in Montana and Idaho
Kent-Corson M, Mulch A & Chamberlain P

(2007) Climate Change in the Southern Central Andes at 8 Ma
Strecker M, Mulch A, Uba C, Schmitt A & Chamberlain P

(2007) Hydrogen Isotope Variations in Hydrated Volcanic Glass as Tracers of Late Cenozoic Precipitation Patterns in the Western United States
Mulch A, Sarna-Wojcicki AM, Perkins ME & Chamberlain P

(2007) Cenozoic Topographic Evolution of the Western North America Cordillera
Chamberlain CP, Mulch A, Kent-Corson M, Davis S, Carroll A & Graham S

(2006) Coupled hydrogen isotope paleoaltimetry and (U/Th)/He thermochronology of river deposits
Mulch A, Graham S, Reiners P & Chamberlain CP

(2006) Recovering the timing of mylonitization from coupled 40Ar/39Ar and hydrogen isotope data
Cosca M, Mulch A, Teyssier C, Wells M & Chamberlain P

(2006) Thermochronologic Approaches to Paleotopography
Reiners P, McPhillips D, Brandon M, Mulch A & Chamberlain CP

(2005) UV-Laser Ablation <+>40<$>Ar/<+>39<$>Ar Geochronology of Tectonic Processes
Cosca M, Mulch A & Putlitz B

(2002) In situ 40Ar/39Ar UV Laser Dating of Mylonitic Mica Fish: Cooling or Crystallisation Ages?
Mulch A, Cosca MA & Fiebig J

(2002) Smaller Means More: UV Laser Ablation 40Ar/39Ar Methods Require Detailed Sample Characterization
Cosca M, Giorgis D, Kramar N, Mulch A & Putlitz B

(2000) The Influence of Metamorphic History on Intragrain Argon Isotope Variations in Metamorphic White Mica Mapped by in situ UV Laser Ablation 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology
Cosca M, Giorgis D, Janak M, Kramar N & Mulch A

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