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All abstracts by Katharina Müller in conference series: Goldschmidt

Rodríguez DM, Mayordomo N, Brendler V, Scheinost AC, Schild D & Müller K

(2023) Biogenic Minerals Formation by an FeIII-Reducing Desulfitobacterium sp. Isolate
Cardaio I, Kluge S, Cherkouk A, Müller K, Stumpf T & Mayordomo N

(2021) Spatially Resolved Sorption of Cm(III) on Crystalline Rock: Influence of Surface Roughness and Mineralogy
Demnitz M, Molodtsov K, Schymura S, Schierz A, Müller K & Schmidt M

(2021) Technetium Retention by Green Rust Chloride
Mayordomo N, Rodríguez DM, Schild D, Rossberg A, Scheinost AC, Brendler V & Müller K

(2019) VESPA II Project: Behavior of Long-Lived Fission and Activation Products in the Near-Field of a Repository for Nuclear Waste and Possibilities of their Retention
Altmaier M, Bischofer B, Bosbach D, Brendler V, Daniels N, Geckeis H, Hagemann S & Müller K

(2019) 99Tc Retention on Fe(II)-Al(III)-Cl Layered Double Hydroxides
Mayordomo N, Rodríguez DM, Scheinost AC, Roßberg A, Bredler V & Müller K

(2018) Environmental Fate of Fission Products: A Comprenhensive Study
Mayordomo N, Rodríguez DM & Müller K

(2017) Spectroscopic Identification of Np(V) Sorption Complexes on Birnessite
Müller K, Simon B, Bok F & Rossberg A

(2017) Spectroscopic and Microscopic Approach of U(VI) Sorption on Acidovorax Facilis for Remediation Purpose
Krawczyk-Bärsch E, Gerber U, Steudtner R, Müller K, Moll H, Rossberg A & Merroun M

(2015) Biosorption of U(VI) at Highly Saline Conditions
Cherkouk A, Bader M, Drobot B, Müller K & Stumpf T

(2015) Spectroscopic Identification of Np(V) Sorption Complexes at the Mineral Oxide-Water Interface
Müller K, Steudtner R, Huittinen N, Bok F & Rossberg A

(2015) Neptunium Redox Reactions at the Iron Mineral − Water Interface
Steudtner R, Hübner R, Müller K, Weiss S & Scheinost AC

(2015) A Comparative Study of the Sorption of U(VI) on SiO2 and TiO2 in the Presence of Phosphate
Comarmond M-CJ, Foerstendorf H, Müller K, Heim K, Harrison J & Payne TE

(2013) Vibrational Spectroscopic Study of Np(V) Sorption on Mineral Oxides
Müller K, Berger J, Cordiez M, Gröschel A & Foerstendorf H

(2013) Sorption of Uranium and Neptunium onto Diorite from Äspö HRL
Schmeide K, Gürtler S, Müller K, Steudtner R, Joseph C, Bok F & Brendler V

(2011) Comparative Study of the U(VI) Complexation onto γ-Al2O3 by ATR FT-IR and EXAFS Spectroscopy
Müller K, Foerstendorf H, Rossberg A, Stolze K & Gückel K

(2009) Spectroscopic Comparison of Aqueous Np(VI) and U(VI) Species
Müller K, Foerstendorf H, Tsushima S, Brendler V & Bernhard G

(2007) Infrared Spectroscopic Identification of Aqueous Uranium(VI) Species
Müller K, Foerstendorf H & Bernhard G

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