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All abstracts by Mitsuhiro Murayama in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Apatite Nanoresponse to Acidic Dissolution
Perdrial N, Hellmann R, Conde A, Rampe EB, Christoffersen R, Murayama M & Chang J

(2019) Dissolution of Apatite: Micro and Nanoscale Insights
Perdrial N, Conde A, Hellmann R, Rampe E, Christoffersen R & Murayama M

(2018) Structure Transformation of Core-Shell Mn Oxide Nanowires by Removal of Mn(II) from Aqueous Solution
Inoue S, Murayama M & Hochella M

(2018) Phase, Size and Shape Variations of Biogenic Versus Abiogenic Fe-Cu-Sulfide Nanoparticles
Mansor M, Berti D, Murayama M, Hochella M & Xu J

(2013) Structure and Fate of Zn-Bearing Green Rust Nanominerals in Slightly Acidic Mine Drainage Crossing a Steep Redox Boundary
Johnson C, Freyer G, Fabisch M, Murayama M, Küsel K & Hochella, Jr M

(2012) Abiotic U(VI) Reduction by Biogenic Mackinawite
Veeramani H, Qafoku N, Kukkadapu R, Pruden A, Murayama M, Monsegue N & Hochella M

(2011) Discovering Environmentally-Critical Nanomineralogy: Highly Reactive Mn-Oxyhydroxide Nanofiber Nucleation and Growth Catalyzed by Nanohematite
Veeramani H, Dippon U, Murayama M, Henderson R, Kappler A & Hochella MF

(2010) Nanoparticles in Biosolid Products as Revealed by Electron Microcopy
Kim B, Park C-S, Murayama M & Hochella M

(2010) Investigating the Metastability and Nanomineral Properties of Synthetic and Natural Schwertmannite
French RA, Murayama M & Hochella MF

(2010) Reductive Dissolution of Hematite Nanoparticles with Ascorbic Acid
Echigo T, Aruguete D, Murayama M & Hochella M

(2010) The Role Nanoparticulate Oxides as Transporters of Toxic Trace Metals in Riverbed Sediment
Plathe K, von der Kammer F, Hassellöv M, Moore J, Murayama M, Hofmann T & Hochella M

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