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All abstracts by Peter Nabelek in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Ar Diffusion in Muscovite: 2D in situ Imaging and Numerical Modeling of Coupled Lattice and Defect Mediated Diffusion
Nteme Mukonzo J, Scaillet S, Le Trong E & Nabelek P

(2015) The Clumped Isotope Geochemistry of Dolomite and Calcite in Contact Metamorphic Environments
Lloyd M, Eiler J & Nabelek P

(2014) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry of the Notch Peak Contact Metamorphic Aureole
Lloyd M, Eiler J & Nabelek P

(2013) MC-ICPMS and NRIXS: A Stereo View of Iron Isotopic Fractionation in Silicic Magmas
Dauphas N, Roskosz M, Telus M, Hu M, Alp E, Moynier F, Sio C, Tissot F, Teng F, Neuville D, Nabelek P, Craddock P, Groat L & Zhao J

(2012) A Strain-Heating Model for the Seismic Low-Velocity Zone along the Main Himalaya Thrust
Nabelek P & Nabelek J

(2012) Enrichment of Li in Fluids Exsolved from the Harney Peak Leucogranite Black Hills, South Dakota
Grzovic M & Nabelek P

(2011) The Nature of Fluid Flow Through Vertical Formations in the Aureole of the EJB Pluton, White Mountains, California
Nabelek P & Morgan S

(2010) Influences of Variable Reactivity of Calc-Silicates on Fluid Fluxes in Contact-Metamorphic Aureoles
Nabelek P

(2008) Coupled Fluid Flow with Calc-Silicate Reactions Around Plutons – Results of Numerical Simulations
Nabelek P

(2005) Fluid-Mediated Mineral Consumption and Growth in Polymetamorphosed Metapelites of the Black Hills, South Dakota
Nabelek P, Labotka T, Helms T & Wilke M

(2004) Methane Production during Metamorphism of Graphitic Pelites, Black Hills, U.S.A
Nabelek P, Wilke M & Huff T

(2004) The Behavior of Lithium during Leucogranite Petrogenesis
Dodds J & Nabelek P

(2003) Methane, An Important Component of Fluids in Graphitic Metapelites
Nabelek P, Wilke M, Huff T & Wopenka B

(2002) Numerical Modelling of Reactive Flow of Mixed H2O-CO2 Fluids and Progress of Calc-Silicate Reactions in Contact Aureoles
Cui X, Nabelek P & Liu M

(2002) Carbonic Fluid Production during Regional and Contact Metamorphism in the Black Hills, USA
Nabelek P, Huff T & Wilke M

(2001) Fluid Flow and Oxygen Isotope Resetting in the Notch Peak Contact Metamorphic Aureole, Utah: Insights from Two-Dimensional Numerical Modeling
Cui X, Nabelek PI & Liu M

(2001) Production of Carbonic Fluids from Graphite during Metamorphism and their Retention in the Deep Crust
Nabelek PI, Wilke M, Huff TA & Sirbescu M-L

(2000) Coupled Mineralogic Reaction and Isotopic Exchange in Regionally Metamorphosed Dolomite, Death Valley, California
Labotka TC, Souza P & Nabelek P

(2000) Lithologically-Controlled Fluid Pathways on Thin-Section Scale in the Notch Peak Calc-Silicate Contact Aureole, Utah, USA
Nabelek P

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