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All abstracts by Yoichi Nakajima in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Effect of Fe3+ on the Subsolidus and Melting Phase Relations Under Lower Mantle Conditions
Sinmyo R, Nakajima Y, McCammon C, Miyajima N, Petitgirard S, Myhill R & Frost D

(2016) Sound Velocity of Liquid Fe-Si Alloy Under High Pressures
Nakajima Y, Imada S, Hirose K, Kuwayama Y, Sinmyo R, Tateno S, Tsutsui S, Ushiyama H & Baron A

(2010) Si and O in the Earth’s Core and their Effects on the Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Other Siderophile Elements
Frost D, Tsuno K, Rubie D & Nakajima Y

(2009) Possible Role of Carbon and Hydrogen in the Earth’s Core
Nakajima Y & Takahashi E

(2009) The Orthoenstatite/Clinoenstatite Phase Transition Under the Upper Mantle Conditions Determined by in situ X-Ray Diffraction: Implications for Nature of the x-Discontinuity
Akashi A, Nishihara Y, Takahashi E, Nakajima Y, Tange Y & Funakoshi K-I

(2003) Formational Processes of Sedimentary Micro-Structure in Meromictic Lake Kaiike Sediments, Japan
Oguri K, Hirano S, Sakai S, Nakajima Y, Suga H & Sakamoto T

(2003) Distribution of Chloropigments in a Meromictic Lake, Lake Kaiike, Japan
Nakajima Y, Okada H, Oguri K, Suga H, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N

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