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All abstracts by Michihiko Nakamura in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Water Mobility along Olivine Grain Boundaries
Néri A, Eberhard L, Nakamura M & Frost D

(2018) Rapid Subsolidus Reaction Under the Presence of Trace H2O Inferred from Jadeite Replacement with Spodumene
Takahashi N, Nakatani T, Tsujimori T & Nakamura M

(2017) 3D Modeling from CT Images: Synthetic Basalt Model
Pupier E, Charles C, Duquennoy J, Nakamura M, Tsuchiyama A, Uesugi K & Uesugi M

(2017) 3D Reconstruction of Synthetic Crystals and Results Comparisons
Charles C, Pupier E, Duquennoy J, Nakamura M, Okumura S, Tsuchiyama A, Uesugi K & Uesugi M

(2016) Laboratory Simulation of Shear Deformation and Outgassing of Silicic Magmas
Okumura S, Nakamura M & Uesugi K

(2016) Relaxation-Induced Microstructure Transition of Magmatic Foam
Nakamura M, Otsuki S & Okumura S

(2016) Clastogenic Origin of Lava Cap Inferred from Groundmass Differentiation by Nanolite Crystallization
Mujin M & Nakamura M

(2016) Pyrrhotite Oxidation as a Tool for Reconstructing Thermal Structure of Eruption Columns
Matsumoto K, Nakamura M & Suzuki Y

(2016) Halogen and Noble Gas Systematics within Mantle Xenoliths from Intraplate Settings
Kobayashi M, Sumino H, Burgess R, Iizuka T, Nagao J, Nakamura M, Takahashi E & Ballentine C

(2015) Mantle Metasomatism in Subduction Zone and Intraplate Settings Based on Halogen and Noble Gas Systematics
Kobayashi M, Sumino H, Nagao K, Burgess R, Ishimaru S, Arai S, Yoshikawa M, Kawamoto T, Kumagai Y, Kobayashi T, Nakamura M, Takahashi E & Ballentine C

(2015) Is Gold Solubility Subject to Pressure Variations in Ascending Arc Magmas?
Jego S, Nakamura M & Zellmer G

(2015) Concentration Dependence of Water Diffusion in Silica Glass at 50 Bar H2O Pressure
Kuroda M, Tachibana S, Okumura S, Nakamura M, Sakamoto N & Yurimoto H

(2013) CSD, Crystal Shape and Connectivity in Synthetic Basalt from 3D Reconstruction by X-Ray CT Image
Ottavi-Pupier E, Dardé B, Monnier L, Nakamura M, Okumura S, Tsuchiyama A, Uesugi M & Uesugi K

(2013) Ion Irradiation Experiments to Olivine: Comparison with Space Weathering Rims of Itokawa and Lunar Regolith Particles
Matsumoto T, Tsuchiyama A, Takigawa A, Yasuda K, Nakata Y, Watanabe N, Kouchi A, Nakamura M, Miyake A & Ohtake M

(2013) Non-Ideal Fluid Geometry in the Mantle and Lower Crust
Nakamura M, Okumura S, Yoshida T, Sasaki O & Takahashi E

(2011) Carbon Isotope Evolution in Magmatic Systems by CO2 Fluxing
Yoshimura S & Nakamura M

(2001) Rapid Oxygen-Isotope Exchange between Fluid and Synthesized Quartzite: Insights from CL and SIMS-Scaps Study
Nakamura M, Yurimoto H & Watson EB

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