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All abstracts by Tomoki Nakamura in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Effects of Mg and Fe Contents in Impact Glass Analogs on Raman Spectra: Evaluation for the Mars Moons eXploration (MMX) Mission
Imamura S, Sekine Y, Kono Y, Cho Y, Komatsu K, Morita T, Takahashi Y, Tabata H, Mori S, Nakamura T & Kagi H

(2022) Elastic and Thermodynamic Properties of Asteroid Ryugu Return Samples
Hu M, Lavina B, Zhao J, Alp E, Roskosz M, Beck P, Viennet J-C, Nakamura T, Amano K, Kikuiri M, Morita T, Yurimoto H, Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Yabuta H, Naraoka H, Sakamoto K, Tachibana S, Watanabe S-I & Tsuda Y

(2022) Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry of Asteroid Ryugu Samples
Yurimoto H, Nakamura T, Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Yabuta H, Naraoka H, Tachibana S, Watanabe S-I, Tsuda Y & Team TH-I-A

(2022) Large Scale NanoIR Mapping of Ryugu Samples: First Results and Implications for Ryugu’s Formation
Dominguez G, Gainsforth Z, Amano K, Kagawa E, Matsumoto M, Fujioka Y, Nakamura T, Morita T, Kikuiri M, Yurimoto H, Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Yabuta H, Naraoka H, Sakamoto K, Tachibana S, Watanabe S-I & Tsuda Y

(2022) Initial Analysis of Macromolecular Organic Matter in the Asteroid Ryugu Samples: Overview
Yabuta H, Naraoka H, Yurimoto H, Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Sakamoto K, Tachibana S, Nakamura T, Watanabe S-I & Tsuda Y

(2020) Sugars in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Furukawa Y, Chikaraishi Y, Ohkouchi N, Ogawa N, Glavin D, Dworkin J, Abe C & Nakamura T

(2020) HR 3D Element Distribution by SR-Xrf Tomography of CM2 Material as Analog for Material Returned in Hayabusa2
Tkalcec BJ, Tack P, Brenker FE, De Pauw E, Vekemans B, Vincze L, Nakamura T, Matsumoto M, Amano K, Takahashi M, Fujioka Y, Kagawa E & Falkenberg G

(2020) Early Formation of Tochilinite in CM Chondrites
Enokido Y, Nakamura T, Matsumoto M & Bonal L

(2020) Constraints on the Surface Materials of Ryugu from Spectral and Water Analysis of Experimentally-Heated CI Carbonaceous Chondrite
Amano K, Nakamura T, Usui F, Okumura S & Zolensky M

(2019) Itokawa, a >4.2 Ga Old Rubble Pile Asteroid
Jourdan F, Timms NE, Nakamura T, Rickard WDA, Eroglu E, Mayers C, Bland PA, Oike R & Yada T

(2018) Impact Melt Immiscibility and Resulting Element Segregation on the Itokawa Asteroid
Timms N, Rickard W, Jourdan F, Fougerouse D, Reddy S, Saxey D, Daly L, Bland P, Nakamura T, Oike R & Yada T

(2017) Recovery of Pristine Micrometeorites from Antarctic Snow Filed in Central Victoria Land
Lee JI, Tazawa K, Hirowatari T, Park CK, Lee MJ, Nakamura T & Baek J

(2016) Chondrule Flattening of MET01072 CM Chondrite: Possible Evidence for Long-Duration Slow Impact
Nakamura T, Matsuoka M, Yamashita S, Sato Y, Nakato A, Uesugi M, Miyahara M & Uesugi K

(2016) V-Rich Davisite in a Compact Type a CAI from a CV Carbonaceous Chondrite
Yoshizaki T, Nakamura T, Nakashima D & Ishida H

(2016) Al-Mg Choronology of Chondrules in the RBT04143 CV3 Chondrite
Nakashima D, Ishida H, Tenner T, Kita N & Nakamura T

(2016) Space Weathering Simulation Experiments on the Murchison Meteorite with Low-Energy Pulse Laser Irradiation
Matsuoka M, Nakamura T, Kimura Y, Takahiro H, Nakamura R, Okumura S & Sasaki S

(2016) Interactive Evolution of Inorganic and Organic Materials and Water in Comets and Icy Bodies
Nagahara H, Noguchi T, Yabuta H, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, Mitsunari T, Okubo A, Okazaki R, Nakamura T, Tachibana S, Terada K, Ebihara M, Imae N & Kimura M

(2014) Reproduction of Space Weathering of C-Type Asteroids by Laser Heating Experiments of Murchison CM2 Chondrite
Matsuoka M, Nakamura T, Kimura Y, Hiroi T, Nakamura R, Okumura S & Sasaki S

(2014) Thermal History of the Parent Asteroid of Itokawa
Nakamura T & Wakita S

(2013) Organic Nitrogen Cosmochemistry of Ultracarbonaceous Micrometeorite
Yabuta H, Noguchi T, Itoh S, Tsujimoto S, Sakamoto N, Hashiguchi M, Abe K, Kilcoyne D, Okubo A, Okazaki R, Tachibana S, Terada K, Nakamura T, Ebihara M & Nagahara H

(2007) A Study on the Formation Mechanism of Temagami Iron-Formations, Canada
Shimada Y, Yasumatsu A, Motomura Y, Okazaki R, Nakamura T, Ohmoto H, Okaue Y & Yokoyama T

(2007) Raman Spectroscopy of Organics in Antarctic Micrometeorites
Suzuki A, Yamanoi Y, Nakashima S, Nakamura T & Katafuchi E

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