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All abstracts by Satoru Nakashima in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) In situ Monitoring of Water-Rock Interaction by Micro FT-Ir – An Example of Calcium Silicate Hydrate Formation-
Bessho H, Nakashima S, Hamamoto M, Nishiyama N, Tonoue R, Kirino Y, Yokoyama T & Sasamoto H

(2013) Quantitative Color Mapping of a Brown Altered Granite by Means of Dark Field Reflection Visible Micro-Spectroscopy
Onga C & Nakashima S

(2013) IR Spectra of Thin Film Water Sandwiched between Two Mineral Plates
Hamamoto M, Katsura M & Nakashima S

(2009) Effects of pH and Silica on the Polymerisation Rate of an Amino Acid
Sakata K, Kitadai N & Nakashima S

(2009) Effects of Adsorption Processes on the Interactions of Phthalic Acid and Goethite
Shushi Y, Kitadai N, Yokoyama T & Nakashima S

(2007) Dehydration Behaviour of Muscovite by in situ Infrared Microspectroscopy
Tokiwai K & Nakashima S

(2007) Influence of Hydrothermal Transformation of Amorphous Silica on Amino Acid Adsorption Capacity
Kitadai N, Nakashima S & Yokoyama T

(2007) Effects of Cations and Pressure on the Structure of Aqueous Solutions as Evidenced by IR OH Bands
Sawai T & Nakashima S

(2007) Raman Spectroscopy of Organics in Antarctic Micrometeorites
Suzuki A, Yamanoi Y, Nakashima S, Nakamura T & Katafuchi E

(2007) The Simulation Experiments on Hydrothermal Formation of Organic Globules in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Iwamoto T, Yokoyama T & Nakashima S

(2005) Water Content in Eclogite from the Ultrahigh-Pressure Terrane
Katayama I, Nakashima S, Yurimoto H & Maruyama S

(2004) Ion Concentration Profile Near Rock Pore Wall as Revealed by Centrifugation
Yokoyama T, Murakami T & Nakashima S

(2003) Energies and Time Scales for the Chemical Evolution Toward Life
Nakashima S, Shiota D, Haramaki T & Shimada S

(2003) Raman and IR Microspectroscopy of Graphitic Spheroids from 3.0 Ga Black Chert, Cleaverville, Australia
Igisu M, Nakashima S, Ueno Y & Maruyama S

(2003) New in situ Micro-Characterization Methods for Organic Materials from Carbonaceous Chondrites
Kebukawa Y, Nakasima S, Masuda K & Kuya N

(2003) In situ Dehydration of Hydrous Glasses at High Temperature
Okumura S & Nakashima S

(2003) Competition of Polymerization and Decomposition Upon Heating of Amino Acid Simulating the Chemical Evolution
Shiota D & Nakashima S

(2003) Behavior of Iron during Rhyolite Weathering over 52, 000 Years by Spectrocolorimtery
Yokoyama T & Nakashima S

(2003) Hollow Organic Globules in the Tagish Lake Meteorite as Possible Products of Primitive Organic Reactions
Nakamura K, Nakashima S, Tomita S, Zolensky M, Keller L & Tomeoka K

(2003) Reduction of Ionic Diffusivity Through Thin-Film and Nano Pore Water in Geomaterials
Hirono T, Nakashima S & Spiers C

(2003) Properties of Aqueous Fluids up to 200℃ by ATR-Ir Spectroscopy
Masuda T, Nakashima S, Famin V & Kaneda H

(2003) Thermal Stability of Dissolved Humic Acid as Revealed by in situ UV Spectroscopy
Masuda K, Ito Y, Nakashima S & Otsuka T

(2003) Long-Path Gas Cell Infrared Spectroscopy of Volatile Organic Pollutants
Otsuka T, Nakashima S, Miwa S & Sunose M

(2003) FT-Ir Spectroscopy of Thin Film Water on Solid Surfaces
Richard T, Kuya N, Nakashima S, d’Hendecourt L & Mercury L

(2003) Dissolution Effects on the Surface Morphology of Mollusk Calcitic Prisms (Pinna)
Tsujikawa H, Dauphin Y, Nakashima S, Cuif J, Massard P & Mercury L

(2003) Color Change of a Scoria and Simulation Heating Experiments by Spectrocolorimetry
Yamanoi Y, Nakashima S, Okumura S & Takeuchi S

(2002) Possible "Soft" Natures of S-Containing Fluids
Masuda T, Nakashima S, Famin V & Kaneda H

(2001) The Micro FT-Ir Measurement of Water Contents in Small Melt Inclusions
Okumura S & Nakashima S

(2001) Hydrated Clinopyroxene in Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphic Rocks from the Kokchetav Massif: Implication to Water Transportation into the Mantle
Katayama I, Nakashima S & Maruyama S

(2001) The Kinetic Effects of Silica on the Transformation of Amino Acids
Shiota D & Nakashima S

(2000) Dissolution of Goethite by Catechol:adsorption and Surface Complexes
Yoshida T & Nakashima S

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