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All abstracts by Oded Navon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Ni-Rich Inclusions in Diamonds and the Enrichment of Nickel in the Earth's Mantle
Kempe Y, Remennik S, Navon O, Tschauner O & Weiss Y

(2022) Metasomatic Fluids in Diamonds and the Destruction of the North China Craton
Mershon RB, Navon O, Weiss Y & Harris JW

(2018) Inclusions in Diamonds Constrain Thermo-Chemical Conditions of the Kaapvaal Cratonic Mantle
Weiss Y, Navon O, Goldstein S & Harris J

(2018) Mantle Metasomatism and Diamond-Forming Fluids
Navon O, Elazar O & Kessel R

(2018) Silicic Fluid Microinclusions in a Metasomatised Eclogite from Roberts Victor
Elazar O, Kessel R, Huang J-X & Navon O

(2015) High-Density Fluids in Twinned Monocrystalline Diamonds
Jablon M & Navon O

(2013) Diamond-Forming Fluids: The Trace-Element Perspective
Weiss Y, Griffin W & Navon O

(2011) High-Mg Carbonatitic HDFs, kimberlites and the SCLM
Weiss Y, Griffin W, Bell D & Navon O

(2011) "Table" vs "Bench": Trace Elements in Fibrous Diamonds
Navon O, Griffin WL & Weiss Y

(2011) Fluid Microinclusions in Octahedral Diamonds
Kiflawi I, Weiss Y, Griffin WL & Navon O

(2010) EPMA, FTIR and LA-ICP-MS Determination of the Composition of Fluid Microinclusions in Diamonds
Kiflawi I, Weiss Y, Griffin WL & Navon O

(2010) Sources of Diamond-Forming Fluids
Navon O, Weiss Y & Griffin WL

(2010) Looking for the Keys Under the Lamppost: Trace Elements in Fibrous Diamonds
Weiss Y, Navon O & Griffin WL

(2008) Mineralogy of Natural Diamond-Forming Fluids
Kopylova M, Navon O, Dubrovinsky L & Khachatryan G

(2004) Diamond-Forming Fluids
Navon O, Klein-BenDavid O & Izraeli E

(2004) Brine and Carbonatitic Melts in a Diamond from Diavik– Implications for Mantle Fluid Evolution
Klein-BenDavid O, Wirth R, Izraeli E, Hauri E & Navon O

(2004) The Petrogenesis and Thermal History of Lower Crustal Xenoliths from the Karnei-Hitin Volcano, Northern Israel
Ben-Dov O, Navon O, Halicz L & Stein M

(2002) The Daly Gap: Low-Pressure Fractionation and Heat-Loss from a Cooling Magma Chamber
Mushkin A, Stein M, Halicz L & Navon O

(2002) Bubble Nucleation as Trigger for Dike Initiation in the Mantle
Lensky NG, Niebo RW, Holloway JR, Lyakhovsky V & Navon O

(2002) Volatile-Rich Brine and Melt in Canadian Diamonds
Klein-BenDavid O, Izraeli ES & Navon O

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