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All abstracts by Alexandra Navrotsky in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Thermodynamics of LixNa1-xCoO2 Layered Oxides – A Potential Lithium Saving Battery Cathode Material
Geraci TS & Navrotsky A

(2023) Thermodynamics of Ni-Fe-Co-ag Pentlandite Solid Solutions and Implications for Natural Occurrences
Scharrer M, Leonel GJ, Subramani T, Lilova K & Navrotsky A

(2023) Thermodynamics of Uranium Silicide, Nitride and Carbide
Xu H, Guo X, Baker J, Goncharov VG, White J, Boukhalfa H & Navrotsky A

(2023) Formation of CeSiO4 and AnSiO4 (An = Th, U, Pu): Insights Coming from Hydrothermal Synthesis and Thermodynamic Issues
Dacheux N, Estevenon P, Strzelecki AC, Szenknect S, Moisy P, Ewing R, Guo X & Navrotsky A

(2023) Thermochemistry of Apatite Compounds of Relevance to Biomineralization and Mineralogy: Experimental and Modeling via the ThermAP Approach
Drouet C, Rollin S, Hosseini SM & Navrotsky A

(2023) Structural and Thermodynamic Effects of Hydration in Na-Zeolite a (LTA) fromLow-Temperature Heat Capacity
Woodfield BF, Dickson M, Shumway S, Nielsen G & Navrotsky A

(2023) A Career in Thermodynamics
Navrotsky A

(2020) Thermal Annealing of Radiation-Damaged allanite-(Ce): Mechanical and Structural Properties
Reissner CE, Reissner M, Bismayer U, Navrotsky A, Paulmann C, Pöllmann H & Beirau T

(2019) Thermodynamic Complexities in Fluorite Derivative Materials
Navrotsky A

(2019) Energy Landscapes, Oxidation State Control, and Nanophase Stability in the Critical Zone
Navrotsky A

(2019) Mechanical and Structural Properties of Radiation-Damaged allanite-(Ce)
Reissner CE, Bismayer U, Ewing RC, Navrotsky A, Reissner M, Paulmann C, Skoda R, Pöllmann H & Beirau T

(2018) Carbon, Calorimetry, Cataclysms and Consequences
Navrotsky A

(2018) Rapidly Reversible Surface-Mediated Redox Transformation of Mn2O3 to Mn3O4 Triggered by Water Sorption at Room Temperature
Birkner N & Navrotsky A

(2018) A Career in Thermodynamics
Navrotsky A

(2018) Surface Energy of Fayalite and its Effect on Fe-Si-O Oxygen Buffers and the Olivine-Spinel Transition
Lilova K, Navrotsky A, DeAngelis M & Anovitz L

(2018) A Comparative Study of the Energetics of Alkali and Alkali Metal Cation Exchange Reaction on Rutile, Quartz and Mxene Surfaces Using Immersion and Flow Calorimetry
Ilani-kashkouli P, Stroeva E, Navrotsky A, Wesolowski D & Kabengi N

(2018) Compositional Control of Radionuclide Retention in Hollandite-Structured Ceramic Waste Forms for Cs-Immobilization
Brinkman K, Zhao M, Shuller-Nickles L, Amoroso J, Lilova K & Navrotsky A

(2018) Structural and Energetic Landscapes of Uranothorite Solid Solutions
Guo X, Mesbah A, Szenknect S, Clavier N, Xu H, Espinosa-Faller F, Navrotsky A, Ewing R & Dacheux N

(2018) Experimental Thermochemistry of Neptunium Compounds
Zhang L, Dzik E, Perry S, Hickam S, Sigmon G, Szymanowski J, Navrotsky A & Burns P

(2018) Energetics of Uranium Silicides
Chung C-K, Guo X, White J, Nelson A, Boukhalfa H, Roback R, Xu H & Navrotsky A

(2018) Heat Capacity and Thermodynamic Functions of Loaded and Unloaded Forms of Several Zinc Imidazole Metal Organic Frameworks
Calvin J, Asplund M, Rosen P, Akimbekov Z, Ayoub G, Katsenis A, Navrotsky A, Friscic T & Woodfield B

(2018) Phase Diagram Determination of the HfO2-Ta2O5 Binary up to 3000 ˚C Using in situ X-Ray Diffraction
McCormack S, Weber R, Kapush D, Navrotsky A & Kriven W

(2017) Energetics of FeII-Feiii Spinel Solid Solutions on Macroscopic and Nanoscale
Lilova K & Navrotsky A

(2017) Energetics and Annealing Behavior of Radiation Damage in Pyrochlores
Navrotsky A, Chung C-K & Lang M

(2016) Current Adventures in Mineral Thermochemistry – From Adsorbates on Mineral Surfaces to Deep Earth and Planetary Materials
Navrotsky A

(2016) Lanthanides and Actinides – Why Thermodynamics Matters
Navrotsky A

(2016) Pyrochlore Disorder: A Combined Experimental and Atomistic Simulation Study
Finkeldei S, Kowalski P, Kegler P, Brandt F, Vinograd V, Shelyug A, Navrotsky A & Bosbach D

(2015) Inhibition of Nitrifying Bacteria by Simulated Phosphor Recycling Wastewaters Containing Eu and Y
Fujita Y, Barnes J, Eslamimanesh A, Lencka M, Anderko A, Riman R & Navrotsky A

(2014) Confinement of Organic Molecules in Nanoporous Minerals
Wu D, Sun H, Guo X & Navrotsky A

(2014) Thermochemistry of Metastudtite and Amorphous UO3
Guo X, Ushakov S, Navrotsky A, Labs S, Curtius H & Bosbach D

(2014) Characterizing Particle Mediated Crystal Formation
Banfield JF, DeYoreo JJ, Dove PM, Gilbert P, Joester D, Michel FM, Murray CB, Navrotsky A, Penn RL, Rimer JD, Sommerdijk NAJM, Wallace AF, Whitelam S & Zhang H

(2014) Apatite—A Resource for Life and Critical Elements
Navrotsky A, Lee W & Riman RE

(2014) Analyzing Nitrogen in Cordierites and Other Phases by SIMS
Hervig R, Fudge C & Navrotsky A

(2014) Measurements of Fusion Enthalpies by Drop Calorimetry of Laser Heated Levitated Samples
Ushakov S & Navrotsky A

(2014) Water Weirdness of Nanophase Manganese Oxides: Rapidly Reversible Surface-Mediated Redox Transformation Triggered by Water Sorption at Room Temperature
Birkner N & Navrotsky A

(2014) Prenucleation Clusters, Phase Separation, and Amorphous Precursors: Some Thoughts on Linking Carbonates, Zeolites, and Silicate Melts and Glasses
Navrotsky A

(2013) Thermodynamic Constraints on Stability of Ceramics Under Extreme Conditions – Phase Change and Amorphization from Chemical Effects of Radioactive Decay
Navrotsky A

(2012) Nanoscale Effects on the Thermodynamics of Oxidation-Reduction Equilibria in Transition Metal Oxide Systems
Navrotsky A

(2012) Energetic Studies of Nanophase and Amorphous Carbonate Minerals
Navrotsky A

(2011) Thermodynamic Properties of Hydration Layers on Surfaces of Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Ross NL, Spencer EC, Woodfield BF, Navrotsky A, Parker SF & Kolesnikov AI

(2010) Spectroscopic and Calorimetric Study of Synthetic françoisite-(Nd): Nd[(UO2)3O(OH)(PO4)2]•5H2O
Armstrong C, Clark S & Navrotsky A

(2010) Thermodynamic Issues in Nanoscale Actinide Oxides
Navrotsky A

(2010) Size-Induced Shifts in Oxidation-Reduction Phase Equilibria in Nanophase Transition Metal Oxides
Navrotsky A

(2010) Influence of Adsorbed Water on Energetics of Cassiterite Nanoparticles
Ross N, Spencer E, Parker S, Kolesnikov A, Boerio-Goates J, Woodfield B & Navrotsky A

(2008) An Inelastic Neutron Scattering Study of Adsorbed Water on Rutile and Cassiterite Nanoparticles
Levchenko A, Navrotsky A, Ross N, Spencer E, Kolesnikov A, Wesolowski D, Cole D, Mamontov E, Boerio-Goates J & Woodfield B

(2008) Size-Driven Structural and Thermodynamic Complexity in Iron Oxides
Navrotsky A, Mazeina L & Majzlan J

(2006) Polymorphic transformations of iron oxides: a thermodynamic view
Mazeina L, Majzlan J & Navrotsky A

(2005) Thermodynamic Data for Hydrated Ferric Sulfates and Application to Secondary Minerals at Iron Mountain, California
Alpers CN, Majzlan J, McCleskey RB, Nordstrom DK & Navrotsky A

(2005) Nanoparticle-Mediated Processes and the Ostwald Step Rule
Navrotsky A

(2005) Thermodynamics of High Temperature Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Obtained by Laser Pyrolysis
Bomatí-Miguel O, Veintemillas-Verdagüer S & Navrotsky A

(2005) Thermochemistry of Bulk and Nano Akaganeite
Mazeina L, Deore S & Navrotsky A

(2005) Thermochemistry of Arsenic Minerals
Forray F & Navrotsky A

(2005) Gas Adsorption Microcalorimetry: Probing Energetics of Oxide Surfaces
Ushakov S, Dalalo N & Navrotsky A

(2005) Size-Structure Relationship of Δ-akaganeite
Deore S, Mazeina L, Navrotsky A, Fakra S & Tamura N

(2005) Synthesis and Thermochemistry of Nitrate Cancrinite and Nitrate Sodalite QINGYUAN LIU (Qliu@ucdavis.edu)
Liu Q, Xu H & Navrotsky A

(2005) Calorimetric Study of Stability of Phases Containing Exchangeable Anions: Sodalite, Cancrinite, Hydrotalcite
Navrotsky A

(2002) Direct Calorimetric Measurements of Surface Energies and Phase Stability of Nanophase Oxides
Navrotsky A

(2002) Thermochemistry of Poorly Crystalline Iron Oxides
Majzlan J, Bender Koch C & Navrotsky A

(2001) Thermodynamics of the Fe-O-H System
Majzlan J, Navrotsky A, Lang BE, Stevens R, Woodfield BF & Boerio-Goates J

(2001) Energetics of Crystalline Phases Related to Nuclear Waste Disposal
Navrotsky A

(2001) In situ Calorimetric Study of Zeolite Synthesis: Thermokinetics of Crystallization of FAU Zeolite
Yang S & Navrotsky A

(2001) High-Silica Zeolites: A Relationship between Energetics and Internal Surface Area
Moloy EC, Davila LP, Shackelford JF & Navrotsky A

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