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All abstracts by Oliver Nebel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Iron Isotopes on Mars Linked to the Formation of the Terrestrial Planets
Nebel O, Sossi P, Anand M & Poitrasson F

(2014) Iron Isotope Compositions of Oceanic Arc Lavas
Nebel O, Sossi P, Whan T, Bènard A, Wille M, Vroon P & Arculus R

(2014) Molybdenum Isotopic Compositions of Subducting Sediment and Associated Arc Lavas, Banda Arc, Eastern Indonesia
Wille M, Nebel O, Vroon P & Schoenberg R

(2014) Noble Metal Enrichment in the Crust Through Hydrous Boninitic Melts
Bénard A, Park JW, Nebel O, Ionov DA, Arculus RJ, Alard O & Shimizu N

(2013) Assesing Iron and Oxygen Isotope Homogeneity in Garnets
Urosevic M, Nebel O, Peterson E, Padrón-Navarta JA & Rubatto D

(2013) The Effect of AFC Processes and Source Oxidation on Fe Isotopes in Evolved Banda Arc Lavas
Nebel O, Arculus R, Wille M & Vroon P

(2013) Melt Evolution from the Mantle Wedge to the Crust: Insights from South Kamchatka and West Bismarck Arc Xenoliths
Bénard A, McAlpine SRB, Nebel O, Tollan PME, Arculus RJ & Ionov DA

(2012) Transition Metal Stable Isotopes in Komatiites
Sossi P, Nebel O, O'Neill H, Eggins S & van Kranendonk M

(2011) Modes of Mantle Flow and He Travel in the Northern Lau Backarc Basin
Arculus R, Nebel O, Jenner F, Mavrogenes J & Dyriw N

(2011) Origin of Earth’s Volatile Elements: Constraints from Rb Isotopes
Mezger K, Nebel O & vanWestrenen W

(2011) Hafnium Isotope Constraints on the Origin of Layered Intrusions and the Stabilisation of the Yilgarn Cratonic Lithosphere
Nebel O, Arculus RJ, Mavrogenes JA, Nebel-Jacobsen YJ & Ivanic TJ

(2009) High-Precision HFSE Partitioning between Garnet, Amphibole, and Alkaline Melt, Kakanui, New Zealand
Fulmer EC, Nebel O & van Westrenen W

(2009) Lu-Hf Isotope Inheritance from Subducting Detrital Zircons during Crustal Formation
Nebel O, Vroon PZ & Davies GR

(2008) Zircon Recycling in Felsic Magmas
Miller JS, Miller CF, Matzel J, Claiborne L, Wooden J, Poli G, Nebel O, Vroon P, Davies G & Leslie S

(2007) Tracing Earth's First Crust with Hf Isotopes in Zircons from the Narryer Gneiss Complex, Australia
Nebel-Jacobsen Y, Münker C, Mezger K, Nebel O, Gerdes A & Nelson D

(2007) New Insights into Peralkaline Magma Chamber Processes in the Naivasha Area, Kenya Dome
Tchalikian A, Nebel O, Elburg MA, Andriessen PAM & Davies GR

(2007) The Origin of Silica-Rich Kaapvaal Lithospheric Mantle
Davies G, Wasch L, van der Zwan F, Morel M, Nebel O, van Westrenen W, Pearson G & Hellebrand E

(2007) The Impact of Subducting Sediment on the HFSE Budget of Arc-Related Igneous Rocks, Banda Arc, Indonesia
Nebel O, Morel M, Vroon P, Davies G & van Bergen M

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