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All abstracts by Philippe Negrel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Boron Geochemistry of European Agricultural Soil
Negrel P, Ladenberger A, Reimann C, Demetriades A, Dr. Birke M & Sadeghi M

(2021) Architecture of the Critical Zone and Geometry of the Water Pathways in the Strengbach CZO (France)
Chabaux F, Lerouge C, Gal F, Viville D, Ranchoux C, Ackerer J, van der Woerd J, Pierret M, Reuschlé T, Negrel P & Dezayes C

(2019) Chemical Weathering of a Granitic Watershed: Coupling Lithium Isotopes and Reactive Transport Modeling, Preliminary Results
Millot R, Tremosa J & Négrel P

(2017) Present-Day and Long-Term Weathering Rates in Elementary Watersheds: Principle and Example of Application
Chabaux F, Ackerer J, van der Woerd J, Viville D & Négrel P

(2017) Tracing the Orgin of Guiana Beachsands Through Multi-Elementary Heavy Mineral Finger Printing
Lach P, Negrel P & Petelet-Giraud E

(2017) Isotopic Tracing of Surface Water – Groundwater Interactions in Alluvial Contexts
Petelet-Giraud E & Negrel P

(2017) Life Cycle of a Catchment from Weathering to Human Impact Traced by Lead Isotopes
Negrel P, Petelet-Giraud E, Guerrot C & Millot R

(2015) Combined Analysis of Uranium Series Nuclides and in situ Beryllium in a Weathering Profile Located in the Strengbach Catchment (Vosges Massif, France)
Ackerer J, Chabaux F, Van Der Woerd J, Kali E, Pelt E, Pierret MC, Viville D, Wyns R & Negrel P

(2014) Geochemical and Isotopic Approaches for Monitoring CO2 Storage Sites: Applicability for Shale Gas Development
Humez P, Mayer B, Negrel P, Lions J, Lagneau V, Kloppmann W, Inj J & Nightingale M

(2014) Application of Stable Isotopes for Tracing Pollutant Plumes in Groundwater
Ollivier P, Negrel P, Flehoc C & Hube D

(2014) Chemical and Multi-Isotope Fingerprinting to Constrain Groundwater Salinization of a Coastal Mediterranean Multilayer Aquifer (the Roussillon Basin, France)
Petelet-Giraud E, Négrel P, Aunay B, Ladouche B, Bailly-Comte V, Guerrot C & Dorfliger N

(2014) B-Li Isotope Characterization to Design a Frame of Hydrogeological Functioning of a Wetland System (Massif Central, France)
Négrel P, Guerrot C, Millot R & Petelet-Giraud E

(2014) Dynamic of Groundwater Circulation and Source of Salinity in Large Sedimentary Aquifers (Adour-Garonne District, SW France): Sulfate and Strontium Isotopes Constraints
Petelet-Giraud E, Négrel P, Brenot A, Malcuit E & Millot R

(2014) Water-Rock Interaction and Groundwater Salinity in Large Sedimentary Basins: An Inverse Modeling Approach
Négrel P, Millot R, Petelet-Giraud E, Malcuit E & Brenot A

(2013) How Isotopic Hydrogeochemical Tools can Help Policy Makers to Target Priority Area for Drinking Water Preservation?
Brenot A, Gourcy L, Petelet-Giraud E & Négrel P

(2013) Lithium Isotopes in Surficial Waters: Examples from Rivers and Peatlands
Millot R, Négrel P, Desaulty AM & Brenot A

(2013) δ<sup>97/95</sup>Mo in Molybdenites from the Azegour Skarn (Morocco)
Breillat N, Guerrot C, Negrel P & Marcoux E

(2012) Multi-Isotope Monitoring of Enhanced Weathering of Glauconitic Sands Under Controlled High pCO2 Conditions
Humez P, Lions J, Lagneau V & Negrel P

(2012) Lithium Isotopes Systematics in Geothermal Systems
Millot R, Negrel P & Sanjaun B

(2012) Geochemical Characterization of Mineralized Groundwaters in the Aquitaine Basin (SW France): Lateral and Vertical Variability of the Eocene Formations, Hydrodynamic and Geochemical Processes of Acquisition of the Mineralization
Malcuit E, Negrel P, Petelet-Giraud E, Atteia O, Franchesci M & Dupuy A

(2012) B-Sr-U Isotope Systematics and 14C Dating of Groundwaters from Southwestern France
Innocent C, Malcuit E, Flehoc C, Guerrot C, Kloppmann W, Petelet-Giraud E & Negrel P

(2010) Role of Major Ion Geochemistry in Delineating Polluted Parts in Southern Granitic Aquifer System, Andhra Pradesh, India
Atal S, Négrel P, Pauwels H & Ahmed S

(2009) Lead Isotopes in Groundwater as Indicator of Water-Rock Interaction (Masheshwaram Catchment, Andhra Pradesh, India)
Negrel P, Millot R, Roy S, Guerrot C & Pauwels H

(2009) Multi-Isotopic (H, O, C, S, Li, B, Si, Sr, Nd) Approach for Geothermal Fluid Characterization in Iceland
Millot R, Àsmundsson R, Négrel P, Sanjuan B & Bullen T

(2007) A U-Series Study on Groundwaters from Southwestern France
Innocent C & Négrel P

(2007) Lithium Isotopes in Geothermal Systems
Millot R, Négrel P & Sanjuan B

(2004) Boron Isotopes Behaviour during Weathering of Silicate Rocks
Casanova J, Négrel P, Petelet- Giraud E, Kloppmann W & Millot R

(2004) Sources and Contribution of Atmospheric Boron to Rivers Budget of French Guiana
Chetelat B, Gaillardet J, Freydier R & Negrel P

(2002) Rare Earth Elements and Neodymium Isotopic Systematic in the Groundwaters of French Guiana
Negrel P & Petelet-Giraud E

(2002) Constraining the Sr Isotopes Signature in Surface Waters Draining Granite-Gneiss by Atmospheric and Anthropic Inputs Correction
Petelet-Giraud E, Negrel P & Casanova J

(2001) Surficial and Ground Water Relations in the Loire Catchment (France). An Isotopic Characterization Focuses on a Wetland in the Upper Basin
Petelet-Giraud E, Négrel P, Barbier J & Gautier E

(2000) Arsenic and Rare Earth Elements Trapping by Carbonates and Hydrous Iron Oxides Precipitates Generated by Degassing and Oxidation of Mineralised Waters
Le Guern C, Baranger P, Conil P, Negrel P, Brach M, Bodenan F & Crouzet C

(2000) Lead Contents and Lead Isotopes in the Labile Fraction of Sediments in Silicate-Drained Rocks: Evidence in Small Watersheds in the Massif Central (France)
Roy S & Négrel P

(2000) Boron Isotope Fractionation in Groundwaters as an Indicator of Permafrost Past Conditions in the Fractured Crystalline Bedrock of the Fennoscandian Shield
Casanova J, Négrel P, Blomqvist R & Wikberg P

(2000) Chronology of Fluvial Sediments in the Loire River Valley over the Past 8500 Years:
Négrel P, Kloppmann W, Garcin M & Giot D

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