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All abstracts by Thomas Neumann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Trace Element Incorporation in Barite Under Natural Environmental Conditions – Implications for the Long Term Safety of Radioactive Waste Repositories
Kirchner F, Kutzschbach M, Drake H & Neumann T

(2022) Weathering-Intensifying and -Mitigating Processes in Granitic Rock along a Climate Gradient of the Chilean Coastal Cordillera
Hampl FJ, Schiperski F, Schwerdhelm C, Stroncik N, von Blanckenburg F & Neumann T

(2021) Changes in the Bioavailability of iron(III) for Microbial Reduction along a Precipitation Gradient
Sauter L, Schwerdhelm C, Samuels T, Witzgall K, Hampl F, Mueller CW, Riveras N-A, Scholten T, Wagner D, Merino C, Matus F, Neumann T, Kappler A & Bryce C

(2021) Deep Weathering of Subsurface Fe-Bearing Minerals by Fe-Metabolizing Microorganisms in a Semi-Arid Climate
Schwerdhelm C, Hampl F, Sauter L, Merino C, Matus F, von Blanckenburg F, Neumann T, Kappler A & Bryce C

(2020) Arsenic Mobilization and Retention Mechanisms along an Iron Mineral Dominated Redox Gradient in Delta Sediments of Van Phuc, Vietnam
Schneider M, Stopelli E, Glodowska M, Rathi B, Eiche E, Kontny A, Berg M, Kappler A, Göttlicher J, Winkel L, Bostik B, Nghiem A & Neumann T

(2019) Chromate Reduction by Sulfate Green Rust (GRSO4) and Sulfidized Zero Valent Iron (sZVI) in Packed Sand Columns
Digiacomo F, Tobler DJ, Held T & Neumann T

(2019) Iron Mineralogy along Redox Gradients in an Arsenic Contaminated Aquifer in Van Phuc, Vietnam
Schneider M, Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Rathi B, Eiche E, Kontny A, Berg M, Winkel L, Kappler A, Viet P & Neumann T

(2019) Effects of Aging on Hexavalent Chromium Reduction by Green Rust Sulfate: Kinetics and Reversibility
Thomas A, Eiche E, Benning L, Freeman H, Rubio SN, Tobler D, Dideriksen K & Neumann T

(2018) Microbial Arsenic Mobilization in Groundwater Aquifers of the Red River Delta, Vietnam
Patzner MS, Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Kipfler R, Winkel L, Cirpka O, Eiche E, Kontny A, Neumann T, Rhati B, Pommer H, Vu D, Tran M, Thrang P, Viet PH, Berg M, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2018) Interdisciplinary Approach to Understand As Mobilization in the Groundwater of Hanoi, Vietnam
Glodowska M, Stopelli E, Lightfoot A, Schneider M, Patzner M, Kipfer R, Winkel L, Berg M, Cirpka O, Eiche E, Kontny A, Neumann T, Rathi B, Prommer H, Pham Hung V, Vu D, Vi Mai L, Pham T, Kleindienst S & Kappler A

(2018) Effects of Isomorphic Substitution on Hexavalent Chromium Reduction by Green Rust
Thomas A, Eiche E, Benning LG, Freeman H, Didereksen K, Tobler D & Neumann T

(2017) Hydrology of the Heinrich 1/Bølling-Allerød Transition in a Speleothem Multi-Proxy Record from Tropical Asia
Hartmann A, Eiche E, Neumann T, Schröder-Ritzrau A, Riechelmann D, Mertz R & Scholz D

(2017) Identification of Hydrological Extreme Events from High-Resolution Trace Element Distributions in Speleothems
Holz P, Hartmann A, Eiche E, Neumann T, Kluge T, Meyer G & Schuh M

(2017) Using Clumped Isotopes on Hydrothermal Carbonate Sequences for Assessing Thermal Water Flow and Fluid Mixing
Kluge T, Lütkes L, Kraml M & Neumann T

(2017) Characterization of Green Rust Sulfate Transformation Products Associated with Hexavalent Chromium Remediation
Thomas A, Eiche E, Didereksen K, Göttlicher J, Steininger R & Neumann T

(2017) Arsenic and Lead Speciation in Geothermal Scalings: Implications on Formation Conditions
Eiche E, Göttlicher J, Steiniger R, Duschek K, Eggeling L, Kölbel T & Neumann T

(2017) Advanced Geochemical Techniques to Characterize Geothermal Fluid Circulation Patterns
Held S, Nitschke F, Schill E, Kohl T & Neumann T

(2017) Adjusting Solute Geothermometry – Methods to Constrain Subsurface Temperature Estimation
Nitschke F, Held S, Neumann T & Kohl T

(2015) Stability of Selenium-Doted Pyrite Under Variable Hydrochemical Conditions
Potsch S & Neumann T

(2015) Retention of Selenite and Selenate during the Formation of Magnetite
Börsig N & Neumann T

(2015) Iron Enrichment in Stalagmites from Java, Indonesia, as an Indicator for Paleo-Floods
Eiche E, Hartmann A & Neumann T

(2015) Preparing Biological Samples for Organic Sensitive Se Isotope Analytics – Validation of Various Approaches
Banning H, Stelling M, Koenig S, Schoenberg R & Neumann T

(2015) Tracing Se Speciation in a Biogeochmical Model from Mineral Adsorption to Plant Partitioning
Nothstein A, Eiche E, Riemann M, Nick P & Neumann T

(2014) Incorporation of Dissolved Selenium during Fast Precipitation of Pyrite: Efficiency and Morphological Features
Potsch S & Neumann T

(2014) Selenium Fixation by Adsorption and Co-precipitation during the Formation of Hematite
Börsig N & Neumann T

(2012) Se Cycling in the Critical Zone in a Seleniferous Area in Punjab, India
Eiche E, Nothstein A, Neumann T, Sadana U & Dhillon K

(2012) Stable Isotope and Trace Element Records in Holocene Stalagmites from Java: Paleoarchive of Climate Change and Human Activity?
Hartmann A, Eiche E, Neumann T, Fohlmeister J, Schroder-Ritzrau A & Mangini A

(2012) Sulphur Isotopy in a Sequence of Iron-Limited Organic Rich Deposits
Illner P, Berner Z, Alsenz H, Ashckenazi-Polivoda S, Neumann T, Puttmann W, Abramovich S, Almogi-Labin A & Feinstein S

(2011) Structural Incorporation of Selenium in Iron Sulfides
Diener A & Neumann T

(2011) Fault Zone Stability in Cap Rocks Affected by CO2
Blume J, Eckhardt J-D, Stosch H-G, Neumann T, Balthasar K, Mutschler T & Triantafyllidis T

(2011) Interactions of Phosphate and Phosphonate with the Calcite Surface
Stelling J, Nothstein AK & Neumann T

(2010) Structural Incorporation of Selenium in Pyrite, Mackinawite and Amorphous Iron Sulfide
Diener A & Neumann T

(2009) Behaviour of As in Sequential Sediment Extractions Observed by µSy-XRF Analysis
Eiche E, Kramar U, Berner Z, Norra S, Berg M & Neumann T

(2007) Distribution and Redox Status of Arsenic in Framboidal Pyrite from Estuarine Sediments
Neumann T, Scholz F, Kramar U, Simon R & Mangold S

(2007) Trace Element Behavior in Sulfidic Porewaters of the Oder Estuary, SW Baltic Sea
Scholz F & Neumann T

(2007) Multilayer Fixation of Dissolved Phosphate on Natural Calcites Derived from Sorption Experiments
Eiche E, Berg U, Neumann T, Nüesch R & Stüben D

(2002) Use of Calcite for the Retention of Phosphorus in Lake Sediments and P-Recovery Applications
Berg U, Donnert D, Song Y, Reinhardt M, Neumann T & Weidler PG

(2001) Is the Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Authigenic Mn-Carbonates a Bottom-Water Salinity Indicator or a Reflection of Early Burial Diagenetic Processes: Evidence from Recent Sapropelic Sediments of the Baltic Sea
Neumann T, Heiser U, Leosson M & Stüben D

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