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All abstracts by Robert J. Newton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Positive Sulfate Sulfur Isotope Excursion Indicates Large-Scale Pyrite Burial and Marine Anoxia during the End–Triassic Mass Extinction
He T, Dal Corso J, Newton RJ, Wignall PB, Mills BJW, Todaro S, Di Stefano P, Turner EC, Jamieson RA, Randazzo V, Jones RE & Dunhill AM

(2020) Multiple S Isotopes and Hg Geochemistry at the Terrestrial Permo-Triassic Mass Extinction
Dal Corso J, Newton RJ, Chu D, Wignall PB, Zerkle AL, Claire M, Di Rocco T, He T, Mather TA, Mills BJW, Jamieson RA & Tong J

(2019) Deep Carbon in CAMP and the T-J Mass Extinction: New Perspectives on LIPs Through Melt Inclusions
Capriolo M, Marzoli A, Aradi LE, Callegaro S, Dal Corso J, Bartoli O, Newton RJ, Wignall PB, Mills BJW, Baker DR, Youbi N, Spiess R & Szabó C

(2019) Evaluating the Source of the Mercury Spike at the p-T Boundary
Dal Corso J, Chu D, Mills BJW, Newton RJ, Tong J, Mather TA, Shu W, Wu Y & Wignall PB

(2019) Preliminary Constraints on the Temperature of Hydrothermal Carbonatite REE Mineralisation Using O Isotope Thermometry
Broom-Fendley S, Yardley B, Cangelosi D & Newton R

(2016) The Role of Temperature in the Genesis of “Calcite” and “Aragonite” Seas
Ramirez Garcia MDP, Newton RJ & Benning LG

(2016) Experimental Determination of Liquidus H2O Contents of Simple Granites at Deep Crustal Conditions
Makhluf A, Newton R & Manning C

(2016) Fluctuations in Ocean Redox during the Mesoproterozoic Era: Evidence from the Bashkirian Uplift, South Urals, Russia
Doyle K, Poulton S, Newton R, Bekker A & Podkovyrov V

(2016) Tracing Changes in Neogene Antarctic Hydrology Using a Data-Model Approach
Rees-Owen R, Newton R, Ivanovic R, Francis J, Tindall J, Valdes P & Riding J

(2016) Extreme Methane Signals in a Low Sulfate World
Hall J, Newton R, Witts J, Francis J, Harper L, Crame A & Haywood A

(2015) The Effect of Temperature on Switching between Calcite and Aragonite Seas
Ramírez García P, Benning LG & Newton RJ

(2015) Constraints on the Antarctic Hydrological Cycle during the Neogene
Rees-Owen RL, Newton RJ, Ivanovic RF, Francis JE, Tindall JC, Riding JB & Vane CH

(2015) Pan-Arctic Drivers of Glacial Microbial Community Structure and Function
Lutz S, Anesio AM, Edwards A, Newton R, Gill F & Benning LG

(2015) Identifying Chemosymbiosis Through Geological Time by Stable Isotope Analysis of Shell Organics
Pape E, Gill FL, Newton RJ & Little CTS

(2014) An Emerging Link between Low Sulfate Oceans and Large Igneous Province Driven Mass Extinction?
Newton R, Witts J, Wignall P, Francis J, Bottrell S, Kafousia N & Reeves E

(2014) Relationship between Carbon, Nitrogen and Algal Communities in Arctic Glacial Settings
Lutz S, Anesio AM, Newton RJ, Edwards A & Benning LG

(2014) Paleohydrological Reconstruction Using Plant Compound Isotopes from the Neogene of Antarctica
Rees-Owen R, Francis J, Newton R, Ivanovic R & Riding J

(2013) Response of the Global Nitrogen Cycle to the Great Oxidation Event
Zerkle A, Poulton S, Newton R, Claire M & Bekker A

(2013) The Carnian Pluvial Event Negative CIE at Cave del Predil (Early Late Triassic, Italy): A New Link to Wrangellia Volcanism
Dal Corso J, Roghi G, Rigo M, Gianolla P, Caggiati M, Gattolin G, Newton RJ, Jenkyns HC & Preto N

(2013) Ca, Mo and U Isotopes Suggest Neoproterozoic-Like Ocean Conditions during the Late Permian Mass Extinction
Silva JC, Payne J, Wignall P, Newton R, Neubert N, Brueske A, Eisenhauer A, Weyer S, Fietzke J & Maher K

(2011) Serpentinization and Subsequent Metamorphism in Mid-Atlantic Ridge Peridotites from Hole 1268a, ODP Leg 209: Seawater vs. Hydrothermal Alteration
Harvey J, Savov I & Newton RJ

(2011) A Late Triassic Major Negative δ13C Spike Linked to Wrangellia LIP: The Carnian Pluvial Event Revealed
Dal Corso J, Mietto P, Newton RJ, Pancost RD, Preto N, Roghi G & Wignall PB

(2009) Global Shallow Marine Euxinia Triggering the Latest Permian Mass Extinction: Evidence from Mo-Isotopes
Silva-Tamayo JC, Nagler T, Newton R, Wignall P, Grice K & Böttcher M

(2009) A ‘Framboid Gap’ at the Permo-Triassic Boundary
Newton R, Bond D, Cope H & Wignall P

(2008) The Marine Sulfate-Oxygen Isotope Record of the Early Toarcian Anoxic Event
Newton RJ, Kafousia N, Reeves E, Wignall P & Bottrell S

(2007) Degassing of Oceanic H2S and its Delivery to Terrestrial Ecosystems during the Permo-Triassic Extinction
Newton R, Wignall P, Bottrell S & Metcalfe I

(2006) The formation and preservation of greigite.
Hunger S, Newton RJ, Bottrell S & Benning LG

(2006) Seawater sulfate cycling during the Late Palaeocene Thermal Maximum
Crocket K, Newton RJ, Bottrell SH & Wignall PB

(2002) High-Resolution Sulphur Isotopic Analysis, Using Laser Ablation Techniques, on Pyritised Fossils from the Hunsr¸ck Slate, Western Germany
Coburn PM, Raiswell R, Bottrell S & Newton R

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