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All abstracts by Roger Nielsen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Causal Predictive Modeling for Trace Element Partitioning
Wolf AS, Cung E, Ustunisik G & Nielsen R

(2022) IEDA2: Evolving EarthChem, LEPR/traceDs, and SESAR into a Next Generation Data Infrastructure for Data-Driven Research Paradigms in Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology
Lehnert KA, Profeta L, Ramdeen S, Ji P, Figueroa JD, Cao S, Shane N, Sweets HA, Ustunisik G, Nielsen R, Block K, Grossberg M & Walker JD

(2018) Tracking the Mantle Origins of Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts Using Plagioclase-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Drignon M, Nielsen R, Tepley F & Kotash A

(2017) An Experimental Investigation into Plagioclase-Hosted Melt Inclusion Volatile Exsolution
Drignon M, Nielsen R & Tepley F

(2015) TraceDs: An Experimental Trace Element Partitioning Database
Nielsen R & Ghiorso M

(2014) The Petrogenesis of Plagioclase Ultraphyric MORB
Nielsen R, Tepley F & Lange A

(2014) Magma Storage and Eruption Dynamics of an Individual Eruptive Unit at Mt Jefferson, Oregon
Ustunisik G & Nielsen R

(2011) Megacryst Compositional Heterogeneities in Plagioclase Ultraphyric Basalts (PUBs)
Tepley Iii F, Lange A, Burleigh A, Nielsen R & Kent A

(2010) Development of Cyber-Infrastructure for Experimental Data and Trace Element Partitioning (traceDs)
Nielsen R, Ghiorso M, Koppers A & Cunningham J

(2010) Library of Experimental Phase Relations (LEPR): Status, Prospects, Challenges
Hirschmann M, Ghiorso M & Nielsen R

(2003) Source Variability and Flux Melting in the Cascadia Subduction Zone
Rowe M, Kent A, Nielsen R & Wallace P

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