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All abstracts by Jutta Niggemann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Sediment Traps in Lake Baikal Reveal Strong Changes in Productivity over the Last Decade
Schubert C, Niggemann J & Sturm M

(2011) “Geo-Metabolomics” – A Key for Understanding Function and Reactivity of Dissolved Organic Matter
Niggemann J, Gerdts G & Dittmar T

(2011) Molecular Microstratigraphy via Laser-Desorption Ionization Fourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometry (LDI-FT-ICR-Ms)
Dittmar T, Abiven S, Niggemann J & Fuchser J

(2011) Lessons to Learn from Amino Acid Distribution in POM of Lake Baikal
Schubert C, Niggemann J, Sturm M, Lomstein B & McCarthy M

(2010) Organic Matter Degradation and Nutrient Remobilization in Permeable Coastal Sands
Huettel M, Chipman L, Podgorski D, Green S, Magen C, Niggemann J, Ziervogel K, Arnosti C, Berg P, Cooper W, Dittmar T, Kostka J & Hallas K

(2008) Organic Matter Degradation in Lake Baikal – A Sediment Trap Study
Schubert C, Niggemann J, Lomstein B & Sturm M

(2002) The Chlorin-Index: A New Parameter for Organic Matter Freshness in Sediments
Schubert CJ, Niggemann J, Ferdelman TF, Klockgether G & Joergensen BB

(2002) Sediments in the Peruvian Upwelling Region: Organic Matter Composition and Sulfate Reduction Rates
Niggemann J, Kallmeyer J & Schubert C

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