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All abstracts by Hirotsugu Nishido in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Cathodoluminescence Study of Silica Minerals in Eucrites
Kanemaru R, Nishido H & Yamaguchi A

(2016) Provenance Study of Asian Dust Using Cathodoluminescence Spectra of Single Quartz Grains
Nagashima K, Nishido H & Kayama M

(2016) CL Emission Mechanism of Pb-Bearing Carbonates
Nomi S, Kusano N & Nishido H

(2013) Cathodoluminescence Characterization of Norsethite BaMg(CO3)<sub>2</sub>
Kusano N, Nishido H, Makio M & Ninagawa K

(2013) Temperature Effects on Cathodoluminescence of Calcite
Nishido H, Nishizawa S & Kusano N

(2013) Cathodoluminescence of Baytocalcite CaBa(CO3)<sub>2</sub>
Makio M, Nishido H, Kusano N & Ninagawa K

(2013) Cathodoluminescence of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Halite
Yoshida E, Nishido H, Nimura N & Ninagawa K

(2011) Cathodoluminescence of High-Pressure Feldspar Minerals
Nishido H, Kayama M, Sekine T & Ninagawa K

(2011) Cathodoluminescence Characterization of He+ Ion Implanted Plagioclase
Kayama M, Nishido H, Toyoda S, Komuro K & Ninagawa K

(2010) Cathodoluminescence of Albite Activated by Alpha-Particle Induced Luminescence Centers
Nishido H, Kayama M, Toyoda S, Komuro K & Ninagawa K

(2010) Quantitative Evaluation of Shock Pressure by Cathodoluminescence Analysis of Alkali Feldspar
Kayama M, Nishido H, Sekine T, Nakazato T & Ninagawa K

(2009) Assignment of Blue Luminescent Emission in Alkali Feldspar
Kayama M, Nakano S & Nishido H

(2009) Cathodoluminescence Halo in Albite
Nishido H, Kayama M, Toyoda S, Komuro K & Ninagawa K

(2008) CL Characterization of Plagioclase in Fault Rocks
Kayama M, Okabayashi K, Kawamoto K & Nishido H

(2008) Characterization of CL Halo in Feldspar Minerals
Nishido H, Kayama M, Toyoda S, Komuro K & Ninagawa K

(2007) Micro-Raman and Cathodoluminescence Characterization of Shocked Quartz from Impact Craters
Okumura T, Gucsik A, Nishido H, Ninagawa K & Sakamoto M

(2007) Cathodoluminescence Characterization of Shocked Plagioclase
Kayama M, Gucsik A, Nishido H & Ninagawa K

(2006) Cathodoluminescent characterization of radiation-damage halos in quartz after He+ ion implantation
Nishido H, Okumura T, Komuro K, Toyoda S & Ninagawa K

(2005) Temperature Quenching Effect on Cathodoluminescence (CL) of Ca-Mg Series Carbonate Minerals
Nishizawa S, Okumura T, Nishido H & Ninagawa K

(2005) Temperature Quenching Effect on Cathodoluminescence of Quartz from High Pressure Metamorphic Rocks
Okumura T, Nishido H & Ninagawa K

(2003) Cathodoluminescence Study of a Shocked Ordinary Chondrite
Ninagawa K, Fujimoto H, Ohta C, Gucsik A, Hyodo H & Nishido H

(2003) Temperature Quenching Effect on Cathodoluminescence of Quartz
Okumura T, Nishido H & Ninagawa K

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