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All abstracts by Jun Nishioka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Importance of Intermediate Water Formation for Suplying Iron and Macro-Nutrient in the North Pacific
Nishioka J, Obata H & Yasuda I

(2019) Physical and Chemical Speciation of Copper in the Subarctic North Pacific
Wong KH, Obata H, Kim T, Kondo Y & Nishioka J

(2017) Latitudinal Variations of Neodimium Isotopic Composition in Seawater along 160th Meridian East in the Western North Pacific
Tazoe H, Obata H, Gamo T & Nishioka J

(2017) Iron Distribution and Supply along the Kuroshio Current in the North Pacific
Maki K, Nishioka J, Obata H, Kondo Y, Yasuda I & Saito H

(2016) Distributions of Dissolved Zinc in the Western and Central North Pacific
Obata H, Kim T, Gamo T & Nishioka J

(2016) Dissolution of Iron from Sea Ice-Derived Particles in Seawater
Kanna N, Nishioka J, Van der Merwe P & Lannuzel D

(2015) Iron Enrichment by Sea Ice Melting in the Surface Water in the Okhotsk Sea
Kanna N, Nishioka J & Toyota T

(2015) A Role of Sea Ice Melt Water on Iron Supply to Surface Water in the Chukchi Sea, the Arctic Ocean
Nishioka J & Takesue N

(2013) Distribution of Iron (II) in the Northwestern Pacific
Obata H, Takahashi S, Gamo T & Nishioka J

(2010) Fe(II) Distribution in the Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone and Western Tropical Indian Ocean from GEOTRACES KH-09-5
Kondo Y, Moffett J, Obata H & Nishioka J

(2007) Physicochemical Speciation of Trace Metals during the Mesoscale Iron Enrichment (SEEDS II) in the Western North Pacific
Nakatsuka S, Sohrin Y, Norisuye K, Okamura K, Takeda S & Nishioka J

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