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All abstracts by Inês Nobre Silva in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Nickel: Isotopes and Olivine. What do They Tell us About Mantle Source Components?
Barling J, Barker A & Nobre Silva I

(2012) Isotopic Variability of the Ninetyeast Ridge – Implications for its Mantle Sources
Nobre Silva I, Weis D, Scoates J, Pringle M & Frey F

(2011) Diverse Mantle Sources for Ninetyeast Ridge Volcanoes
Meleney P, Frey F, Pringle M, O'Brien E, Huang S, Nobre Silva I & Weis D

(2011) Pb-Sr-Nd Systematics of the Early Mauna Kea Shield Phase and Insight into the Pacific Deep Mantle
Nobre Silva I, Weis D & Scoates J

(2008) Geochemistry and Geochronology of the Ninetyeast Ridge, Indian Ocean: New Constraints on Paleotectonics and Hotspot Dynamics
Pringle M, Mervine E, Frey F, Nobre-Silva I, Weis D, Owens H & Gauntlett E

(2008) High-Precision Isotopic Compositions of Basalts from the Last Phase of the Hawai’i Scientific Drilling Project
Nobre Silva I, Weis D & Scoates J

(2007) The Effect of Sample Matrix on the Precision and Accuracy of Radiogenic Isotope Ratio Measurements by MC-ICP-MS
Barling J, Nobre Silva I & Weis D

(2007) Ninetyeast Ridge, Indian Ocean: Constraining its Origin and Relation with the Kerguelen, Amsterdam and St. Paul Hotspots
Nobre Silva I, Weis D, Swinnard L & Scoates J

(2006) New Insights on the Origin of the Ninetyeast Ridge and its Connection to the Kerguelen Hot Spot
Nobre Silva I, Swinnard L & Weis D

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