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All abstracts by Marc D. Norman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Petrology and Geochemical Evolution of Lavas from the Ongoing and Voluminous Puu Oo Eruption of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
Garcia M, Pietruszka A, Marske J, Norman M, Rhodes JM & Greene A

(2014) Impacts and Volcanism on the Moon: The View from Lunar Regolith Glasses
Norman M

(2012) The Origin of Chemical Heterogeneity in the Hawaiian Mantle Plume
Pietruszka A, Norman M, Garcia M, Marske J & Burns D

(2012) Refertilisation of the Hawaiian Oceanic Lithospheric Mantle
Doull J, Yaxley G, Norman M, O'Neill H, Sossi P & Smith I

(2011) Mantle Controls on the Geochemistry of KÄ«lauea Lavas Erupted over the Last Millennium
Burns D, Pietruszka A, Norman M, Marske J, Garcia M & Rhodes JM

(2010) The Development of a Nickel Sulphide Standard for the in situ Analysis of Platinum Group Elements and Gold by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Gilbert S, Danyushevsky L, Robinson P, Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser C, Norman M, Hanley J & Pearson N

(2010) Lunar Spherule Age Distributions: Gardening or Young Spike?
Hui S, Norman M & Jourdan F

(2010) Hawaiian Plume Source: Isotopic Constraints from Mauna Loa
Weis D, Rhodes JM, Garcia MO & Norman M

(2008) Age and Origin of Apollo 16 Feldspathic Fragmental Breccias
Norman M & Duncan R

(2007) A New, Comprehensive Set of Bulk Distribution Coefficents (D's) Governing Partial Melting of Hydrous Metabasalt
Rapp RP, Yaxley G & Norman MD

(2006) Compositions of Hawaiian Basalts Preclude Eclogite Mantle Plumes
Norman M, Rhodes M & Garcia M

(2006) The Formation Of Ferruginous Pisoliths And The Mobility Of Gold And Pathfinder Elements In The Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
Anand R, Hough R, Phang C & Norman M

(2005) Assessing Kilauea Volcano's Historical Parental Magma Compositional Variations
Garcia M, Norman M & Pietruszka A

(2005) The Oxygen Isotope Composition of the Sun
Ireland T, Holden P & Norman M

(2004) 3850 Ma Felsic Crust in the Itsaq Gneiss Complex, West Greenland: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Bennett V, Nutman A, Friend C & Norman M

(2003) Direct Constraints on Redox Conditions in the Early Archean (>3.85 Ga) Mantle from Peridotites
Bennett V, Nutman A, Norman M & Friend C

(2002) Geochemical Investigations of the Oldest (>3800 Ma) Abyssal Peridotites: Implications for Early Earth Processes
Bennett V, Nutman A, Friend C & Norman M

(2002) Seasonal Trace Element and Isotope Variations in Freshwater Tufas: Potentials and Limitations for Climate Reconstruction
Ihlenfeld C, Maas R, Gagan M, Norman M & Henderson G

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