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All abstracts by Theodoros Ntaflos in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Peridotite Xenoliths from the Udachnaya-East Kimberlite: Clues on the P-T Structure and Composition of the Siberian Sub-Cratonic Lithospheric Mantle
Casetta F, Faccincani L, Ashchepkov I, Abart R & Ntaflos T

(2021) CO2 Storage in the Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) SCLM: Clues from Fluid Inclusions, Mineral Chemistry and X-Ray Microtomography
Casetta F, Rizzo AL, Faccini B, Ntaflos T, Giacomoni PP, Lanzafame G, Mancini L & Coltorti M

(2020) Heterogeneous Lithosphere in Central Tibet: Insights from the Mantle Xenoliths
Yang Y, Abart R, Yang X & Ntaflos T

(2020) Pre-Rifting Volatile-Rich Melts and Asthenosphere Influxes: The Alkaline-Carbonatitic Lamprophyres of the Southern Alps (NE Italy)
Casetta F, Ickert RB, Mark DF, Bonadiman C, Giacomoni PP, Ntaflos T & Coltorti M

(2019) Mantle Columns beneath Kosomolskaya and Zarnitsa Kimberlite Pipes: Xenolith Study
Ashchepkov I, Medvedev N, Ntaflos T, Yudin D, Ivanov A, Makovchuk I & Kiseeva K

(2018) Deep Mantle Roots of Zarnitsa Pipe
Ashchepkov I, Medvedev N, Ntaflos T, Khmelnikova O, Tolstov A & Smarov G

(2015) Refertilization vs Metasomatism in Mantle Xenoliths from Greene Point and Handler Ridge, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Pelorosso B, Bonadiman C, Coltorti M, Melchiorre M, Giacomoni PP, Faccini B, Ntaflos T & Gregoire M

(2014) Evolution of Mantle Column of Pipe Sytykanskaya, Yakutia Kimberlite
Ashchepkov I, Reimirs L, Ntaflos T, Vladykin N, Logvinova A, Travin A, Yudin D, Karpenko K, MakovchukI I, Palessky S & Salikhov R

(2013) Different Styles of Metasomatism in Lithospheric Mantle beneath Central Europe
Puziewicz J, Matusiak-Małek M, Ntaflos T & Gregoire M

(2013) Modal Metasomatism in Upper Mantle from Eastern Part of Central European Volcanic Province (SW Poland)
Matusiak-Małek M, Puziewicz J, Ntaflos T & Grégoire M

(2013) Lithospheric Mantle Heterogeneities beneath Southern Patagonia
Mundl A, Ntatflos T, Bjerg E, Ackerman L & Hauzenberger C

(2013) Delaminated Lithospheric Mantle and Exotic Metasomatism beneath East Russia
Ntaflos T, Aschchepkov I, Koutsovitis P, Hauzenberger C, Prikhodko V & Asseva A

(2013) Melt Modified Mantle Lithosphere beneath Dalnyayay Pipe
Ashchepkov I, Ntaflos T, Spetsius Z & Salikhov R

(2011) Primary Phases in Peridotites of the Ślęża Ophiolite (SW Poland)
Wojtulek P, Puziewicz J & Ntaflos T

(2011) Basaltic Volcanism in NE-Russia; Evidence for Metasomatized Depleted Mantle Underneath Bering Sea Basalt Province
Ntaflos T, Tschegg C, Bizimis M & Akinin V

(2011) Origin of Craton Mantle Layering According to PT Reconstructions
Ashchepkov I, Ionov D, Ntaflos T, Hilary D & Palessky S

(2011) Asthenospheric Signature in Mantle Xenoliths from Enmelen, NE-Russia?
Ntaflos T, Tschegg C, Bizimis M & Akinin V

(2011) Mantle Metasomatic Events Related to Alkaline Volcanism during Incipient Rifting: NE Eger Rift (Central Europe) Example
Puziewicz J, Matusiak-Małek M, Ntaflos T & Gregoire M

(2011) Fe–metasomatism in Upper Mantle beneath SW Poland
Matusiak-Małek M, Puziewicz J, Grégoire M & Ntaflos T

(2011) Evolution of Variscan Orogenic Popiel Peridotite (SW Poland)
Kukuła A, Puziewicz J, Matusiak-Małek M & Ntaflos T

(2010) Metasomatism in Peridotites beneath the Daldyn-Alakite Region Yakutia
Ashchepkov I, Travin A, Ntaflos T, Logviniva A, Vladykin N & Palessky S

(2009) Insight into the Lithospheric Mantle beneath NE Part of Bohemian Massif: A Case Study of Lutynia (SW Poland) Peridotite Xenoliths
Matusiak-Małek M, Puziewicz J, Ntaflos T & Grégoire M

(2009) Mineralogy of “Digested” Wall-Rock Xenoliths in Transitional Coherent Kimberlites of Tuzo Pipe (Gahcho Kué Kimberlite Field, NWT, Canada)
Seghedi I, Kurszlaukis S, Ntaflos T & Maicher D

(2009) Cenozoic Ultramafic Intrusive Rocks in Upper Mantle beneath SW Poland
Puziewicz J, Gregoire M, Koepke J & Ntaflos T

(2008) Insights into Lithospheric Mantle beneath Patagonia
Ntaflos T, Bjerg E & Aliani P

(2007) The Nature of the Arabian Lithospheric Mantle beneath Aritain Volcano, NE Jordan
Ntaflos T, Kurat G & Swoboda S

(2006) Mantle Xenoliths from Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: evidence for heterogeneous lithospheric metasomatism
Faccini B, Coltorti M, Bonadiman C, Melchiorre M, Ntaflos T & Siena F

(2004) Magma Chamber Processes Revealed by Silicate Melt Inclusions Hosted by Phenocrysts of the Szomolya Ignimbrite, Bu?kkalja Volcanic Field
Lukacs R, Harangi S, Ntaflos T & Mason P

(2004) Magma Mixing in a Compositionally Layered Silicic Magma Chamber: Inferences from Silicate Melt Inclusions
Harangi S, Czuppon G, Lukacs R & Ntaflos T

(2002) LAM-ICP-MS and Whole-Rock Investigations on Mantle Xenoliths from Chukotka, NE-Siberia
Ntaflos T, Richter W & Akinin S

(2002) Relationships between Ti-Rich Alkali Silicate Metasomatism and Amphibole, Glass and Clinopyroxene Genesis in Mantle Xenoliths from Antarctica, Australia and Austria
Coltorti M, Beccaluva L, Bonadiman C, Faccini B, Ntaflos T & Siena F

(2001) Garnet-Bearing Xenoliths: Evidence of Plume Activity in Northern Patagonia
Ntaflos T, Bjerg EA, Labudia CH, Thöni M, Frisicale C & ̧nther MG

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