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All abstracts by Patrick J. O'Brien in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Microinclusions in Megagarnets: Throndjemitic Melt Preserved in Garnets at Gore Mountain, Adirondacks (US)
Ferrero S, Wannhoff I, Laurent O, Yakymchuk C, Darling R, Wunder B, Borghini A & O'Brien PJ

(2018) Mineral Growth and Metastability Phenomena in Melt Inclusions from Metamorphic Rocks
Ferrero S, Angel RJ, Wunder B & O'Brien PJ

(2018) Nanogranitoids in UHT and (U)HP Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks of the Bohemian Massif
Borghini A, Ferrero S, Wunder B, Laurent O, O'Brien PJ, Ziemann MA & Günter C

(2017) Nanogranitoids in Orogenic Peridotites from the Bohemian Massif: Evidence for Partial Melting, Metasomatism or Both?
Ferrero S, Borghini A, Wunder B, Laurent O, O'Brien PJ & Ziemann MA

(2011) Discovery of Diamond and Coesite in Bohemian Granulites
Kotková J, O'Brien PJ & Ziemann MA

(2011) Unravelling P-T-T Paths: Pseudo-Sections Versus Classical Phase Petrology
O'Brien P

(2011) Growth- and Post-Growth Behavior of Major and Trace Elements in Garnets: A Case Study
Schmidt A, Konrad-Schmolke M & O'Brien PJ

(2011) Thermodynamic and Trace Element Modeling to Quantify Fluid Fluxes and Fluid-Rock Interaction in High Pressure Rocks from the Sesia Zone (Western Alps)
Konrad-Schmolke M, Zack T, O'Brien PJ & Barth M

(2009) Combining Thermodynamic and Trace Element Modeling – A Tool to Quantify Mineral Reactions and Trace Element Budgets
Konrad-Schmolke M, Zack T & O'Brien PJ

(2007) Trace Element Partitioning in Subducted Slabs: Constraints from Garnet Inclusions and Thermodynamic Modelling
Konrad-Schmolke M, Zack T & O'Brien PJ

(2002) Melt-Host Rock Interaction and Zircon Growth during High Grade Metamorphism
Möller A, O'Brien PJ, Hellebrand E, Mocek B & Kröner A

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