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All abstracts by Hugh St. Clair O'Neill in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Redox-Limited Magmatic Degassing
Rowe M, Berry A, O'Neill H & Myers M

(2015) A Reassessment of the Oxidation State of Iron in MORB Glasses
Berry A, Stewart G, O'Neill H, Mallman G & Mosselmans F

(2015) Thermodynamic Controls on the Partitioning of Divalent Cations between Magnetite and Silicate Melts
Sievwright R, Wilkinson J, O'Neill H & Berry A

(2015) Redox State of Deeply Subducted Altered Oceanic Crust: Experimental Study and Evidence from Natural Samples
Vasilyev P, Yaxley G, O'Neill H, Berry A, Höfer H, Woodland A, Rosenthal A & Korsakov A

(2015) Causes of the Compositional Variability of Ocean Floor Basalts
O'Neill H & Jenner F

(2015) Effect of Melt Composition on REE Partitioning in Anorthite
Schoneveld L, O'Neill H & Hermann J

(2015) Liquidus Temperatures of Komatiites and the Effect of Cooling Rate on Element Partitioning between Olivine and Komatiitic Melt
Sossi P & O'Neill H

(2015) The Behaviour of Beryllium in Mafic Systems
Burnham A, O'Neill H & Jollands M

(2015) Hydrogen Diffusion in Cr-Doped Forsterite Studied by XANES and FTIR
Jollands M, O'Neill H, Hermann J, Berry A & Rivard C

(2015) Coordination Changes of Trace Elements in Silicate Melts with Pressure
Mare E, O'Neill H & Berry A

(2015) Thermodynamic Controls on Water Incorporation in San Carlos Olivine
Tollan P, O'Neill H & Hermann J

(2014) Veritas in Vanadium? Stable Isotope Signatures from the Marianas, MORB and Magnetite
Prytulak J, Sossi P, O'Neill H, Plank T, Elliott T, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2014) Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Oxygen Fugacity on Diamond Versus Carbonate in Carbon-Bearing Eclogites during Deep Subduction
Vasilyev P, Yaxley G, Hermann J, O'Neill H & Berry A

(2014) Redox Controls on the Fractionation of Chalcophile and Siderophile Elements
Mallmann G, Fonseca R & O'Neill H

(2013) Hydrogen Diffusion in Ti-Bearing Forsterite
Padrón-Navarta JA, Hermann J & O'Neill HS

(2013) Phase Relations of Carbonate Eclogite during Subduction and the Effect of Redox Conditions on Diamond–carbonate Reactions
Vasilyev P, Yaxley G, Hermann J, O'Neill H & Berry A

(2013) The Competing Roles of Sulfide Saturation, Magma Mixing and Degassing during the Petrogenesis of Convergent Margin Magmas
Jenner F, Hauri E, Arculus R, Mavrogenes J, O'Neill H & Whan T

(2013) The Effects of Silicate Melt Composition and Sulfur on the Solubilities of PGEs in Silicate Melts
O'Neill H

(2013) Diffusion of Titanium in Forsterite
Jollands M, O'Neill H, Hermann J & Spandler C

(2013) Insights into Mantle Processes from Water and Trace Elements in Olivine
Tollan P, Hermann J, Arculus R, O'Neill H & Davidson J

(2013) The Chemical Composition of the Earth
Palme H & O'Neill HSC

(2013) Evidence Against a Chondritic Earth
Campbell I & O’Neill H

(2012) Transition Metal Stable Isotopes in Komatiites
Sossi P, Nebel O, O'Neill H, Eggins S & van Kranendonk M

(2012) Refertilisation of the Hawaiian Oceanic Lithospheric Mantle
Doull J, Yaxley G, Norman M, O'Neill H, Sossi P & Smith I

(2011) Evidence of Slab Melt Transfer in the New Caledonian Fore-Arc Ophiolite
Pirard C, Hermann J & O'Neill H

(2011) Petrogenesis of the Oceanic Crust from Trace Elements in Basalt Glasses
O'Neill H & Jenner F

(2011) A New Methodology to Experimentally Determine Water Incorporation into Upper Mantle Olivine and Pyroxene
Kovacs I, Green D, Rosenthal A, Hermann J, O'Neill H, Hibberson W & Udvardi B

(2011) Chalcophile Element Systematics in the North West Lau Backarc Basin
Jenner F, Mavrogenes J, Arculus R & O'Neill H

(2011) XANES Investigation of Selenium Speciation in Silicate Glasses
Wykes J, O'Neill H & Mavrogenes J

(2011) Al Diffusion in Olivine: An Experimental Study
Zhukova I, O'Neill H & Campbell I

(2011) Systematic Underestimation of the Oxidation State of MORB Glasses
Sossi P & O'Neill H

(2011) Redox Variable Trace Elements
O'Neill H, Berry A & Mallmann G

(2011) Differential Changes in Divalent Ni, Co and Fe Coordination in Silicate Melt with Pressure
Jones J, O'Neill H & Berry A

(2011) Complex Al and P Zoning in Pallasite Olivine: Constraints on High-T History
McKibbin S, O'Neill H, Mallmann G & Halfpenny A

(2010) Trace Elements in Olivines as Probes of Parental Melt Compositions in the Western Rift of East Africa
Foley S, Jacob D & O'Neill H

(2009) Ir Partitioning between Chromite and Silicate Melt – The Influence of fO2
Laurenz V, Ballhaus C, O'Neill HSC, Wohlgemuth-Ueberwasser CC & Fonseca ROC

(2009) O-H Absorption Coefficients of Four Common Mechanisms for Water Substitution in Olivine
Kovacs I, O'Neill H, Hermann J & Hauri E

(2009) Melt Transport in the Mantle: Transition from Dunite Channels to Pyroxenite Dykes in the Upper Mantle Section of New Caledonia
Pirard C, Hermann J & O'Neill HS

(2009) The Oxidation State of Uranium in Zircon
Berry A, O'Neill H & Mosselmans F

(2008) The Oxidation State of Uranium in Mantle Melts
Berry A, O'Neill H & Foran G

(2008) The Solubility of Os and Ir in Sulphide Melts: Implications for Os Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle
Fonseca R, Mallmann G, Campbell I & O'Neill H

(2008) Clarification of the Influence of Water on Mantle Wedge Melting
Green DH, Hibberson WO & O'Neill HS

(2008) Collisional Erosion and the Non-Chondritic Composition of the Earth
O'Neill H & Palme H

(2008) A Preliminary Investigation of Chlorine XANES in Silicate Melts
Evans K, Mavrogenes J, O'Neill H, Keller N & Jang L-Y

(2007) The Abundances of Nominally Chalcophile Trace Elements in the Main Minerals of Upper Mantle Rocks
Witt-Eickschen G, Palme H, O'Neill HSC & Allen CM

(2007) Fe3+/Fe2+ of Melt Inclusions: Implications for Melt H2O Contents
Danyushevsky L, Berry A, O'Neill H, Newville M & Sutton S

(2007) Survival Times of Anomalous Melt Inclusions; Constraints from REE Diffusion in Olivine and Chromite
Spandler C, O'Neill H & Kamenetsky V

(2007) The P/Nd Ratio of Basalt as an Indicator of Pyroxenite in its Source
O'Neill H & Mallmann G

(2006) The effect of H2O on the spinel peridotite solidus
O'Neill H & Liu X

(2006) The Redox Control upon the Rhenium Crystal/Silicate-melt Partitioning
Mallmann G & O'Neill H

(2006) Electron Exchange Between V and Cr in Silicate Glasses
Berry A, O'Neill H & Foran G

(2006) Element re-equilibration of high-T melt inclusions via diffusion through the host crystals
Spandler C & O'Neill H

(2006) Sulphur solubility in hydrous silicic melts at different oxygen fugacities
Ulrich T, O'Neill H & Mavrogenes J

(2006) The Infrared Signature of Water Associated with Trivalent Cations in Olivine
Berry A, O'Neill H, Hermann J & Scott D

(2006) An experimental study of the chalcophile character of Re: the effect of fO2, fS2 and temperature
Fonseca R, Mallmann G, O'Neill H & Campbell I

(2006) Solubility, activity and phase relationships in silicate-H2O systems: insights from new hydrothermal experimental techniques
Tailby N, Mavrogenes J, Hermann J & O'Neill H

(2005) Calibration of XANES for Determination of Fe<+>3+<$>+/?Fe in Garnet
Yaxley G, Berry A, Woodland A & O'Neill H

(2005) A XANES Study of Sulfur Speciation in Synthetic Glasses and Melt Inclusions
Metrich N, Berry A, O'Neill H & Susini J

(2004) The Water Site in Mantle Olivine
Berry A, Hermann J & O'Neill H

(2003) The Influence of Fluid Components H2O and CO2 on the Partial Melting of Upper Mantle Peridotite
Liu X & O’Neill H

(2003) Evidence for Collisional Erosion of the Earth
Palme H, O’Neill H & Benz W

(2002) Meteorites and the Composition of the Earth
Palme H & O'Neill H

(2002) An Electrochemical Cell Across the Core-Mantle Boundary
O'Neill HSC & Redfern SAT

(2002) Computational Petrology and Pyroxene Thermodynamics
Sommacal S, Sambridge M & O'Neill H

(2002) A Mössbauer and XANES Spectroscopic Study of Fe Oxidation States in Silicate Glasses
Berry A, O'Neill H, Jayasuriya K & Campbell S

(2001) Oxidation during Metasomatism: Implications for the Survival of Diamond
McCammon CA, Griffin WL, Shee SR & O'Neill HSC

(2001) The Solubility of Sulfur in Silicate Melts
O'Neill HSC & Mavrogenes JA

(2001) Spectroscopic Evidence for Chromium(II) in Silicate Melts
Berry AJ, O'Neill HSC, Shelley JMG & Foran G

(2000) The Oxidation State of Chromium in Silicate Glasses as a Function of Oxygen Fugacity, Composition, Temperature, and Pressure
Berry AJ & O'Neill HS

(2000) In situ Determination of Cation Oxidation States in Silicate Melts at Temperatures to 1750 K
O'Neill H, Berry A, Shelley M & Foran G

(2000) Cr-Spinels in the Earth's Mantle: Thermodynamics and Phase Relations at High Pressures and High Temperatures
Klemme S & O'Neill H

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