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All abstracts by Hajime Obata in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Distribution of Dissolved Te Species in the Eastern Indian Ocean
Fukazawa T, Obata H & Norisuye K

(2023) The Sectional Distributions of Several Particulate Trace Elements in the Western South Pacific
Norisuye K, Hayashi Y, Obata H, Gamo T, Minami H & Nakaguchi Y

(2023) The Distribution and Origins of Pb Isotopes in the Northeast Indian Ocean
Rojubally Cadinouche SJA, Fukazawa T, Obata H, Okamura K, Nagaishi K, Ishikawa T & Norisuye K

(2020) Development of a Method for Determination of Dissolved Te Species in Open Ocean Water
Fukazawa T, Obata H & Norisuye K

(2020) Importance of Intermediate Water Formation for Suplying Iron and Macro-Nutrient in the North Pacific
Nishioka J, Obata H & Yasuda I

(2019) Physical and Chemical Speciation of Copper in the Subarctic North Pacific
Wong KH, Obata H, Kim T, Kondo Y & Nishioka J

(2019) Helium Isotopes Reveal Continuous and Intensive Degassing in Kagoshima Bay, Japan
Escobar MT, Takahata N, Shirai K, Kagoshima T, Tanaka K, Obata H & Sano Y

(2018) Precise and Accurate Analysis of Stable Sr Isotope Ratios by DS-Tims and its Application to Paleoenvironmental Studies
Wakaki S, Obata H, Tazoe H & Ishikawa T

(2018) Distribution of Helium Isotopes along 47┬░N of the Subarctic North Pacific
Escobar MT, Takahata N, Obata H & Sano Y

(2018) Distribution of Copper and its Speciation in the Subarctic North Pacific
Wong KH, Obata H, Kim T & Muhammad R

(2018) Distributions of Total Particulate Trace Elements in the Subarctic North Pacific
Maruyama K, Norisuye K, Obata H, Minami H, Nakaguchi Y, Tazoe H & Gamo T

(2018) Trace Metals and Zinc Complexing Ligands in Seawaters at a Shallow Hydrothermally Active Area in Japan
Kim T, Obata H, Mashio AS, Gamo T & Takeda S

(2018) Dissolved Pb Stable Isotopes in the Bay of Bengal
Norisuye K, Obata H, Gamo T, Lee J-M & Boyle EA

(2017) Latitudinal Variations of Neodimium Isotopic Composition in Seawater along 160th Meridian East in the Western North Pacific
Tazoe H, Obata H, Gamo T & Nishioka J

(2017) Iron Distribution and Supply along the Kuroshio Current in the North Pacific
Maki K, Nishioka J, Obata H, Kondo Y, Yasuda I & Saito H

(2017) Distributions and Biogeochemical Cycles of Platinum in Seawaters at Coastal Areas Around Japan
Mashio A, Obata H & Gamo T

(2017) Tracing the Subarctic North Pacific Intermediate Water by Using the Decoupling of Dissolved Zinc and Silicate
Kim T, Obata H, Ogawa H & Gamo T

(2017) Distributions of Nd Isotopic Composition and REE Concentrations in Surface Seawater in the North Pacific Ocean
Hara T, Tazoe H, Obata H & Gamo T

(2016) Dissolved Bismuth in the Subarctic North Pacific
Norisuye K, Takahashi K, Hasegawa S, Takano S, Konagaya W, Sohrin Y, Obata H & Gamo T

(2016) Transport of Trace Metals (Mn, Fe, Ni, Zn and Cd) in the Western Arctic Ocean in Late Summer 2012
Kondo Y, Obata H, Hioki N, Ooki A, Nishino S, Kikuchi T & Kuma K

(2016) Distribution and Speciation of Copper in Seawater of East China Sea and its Surrounding Areas
Wong KH, Kim T, Obata H & Gamo T

(2016) A Modelling Study on Global Distribution of Rare Earth Elements in the Ocean
Oka A & Obata H

(2016) Nanometer Size Fractionation of Metal Sulfides over the Hydrothermal Area in Okinawa Trough
Nakayama N, Gamo T & Obata H

(2016) Distributions and Geochemical Cycles of Platinum in Otsuchi Bay, Japan after the Tsunami in 2011
Mashio A, Obata H, Fukuda H & Ogawa H

(2016) Studying High-Latitude Silicon Cycling in the Sea Using Si Stable Isotopes
de Souza G, Maden C, Wetzel F, Carter B, Obata H & Vance D

(2015) Iodine Speciation and Iodine-129 Distribution in the Chukchi Sea and Bering Sea
Obata H, Miwa K, Kondo Y, Gamo T, Otosaka S & Suzuki T

(2015) Determination of Trace Orthophosphate in Water of Lake Biwa (Japan) by Ion Chromatography
Maruo M, Ishimaru M, Azumi Y, Ohyama K & Obata H

(2015) Vertical Distributions of Lead and Bismuth in the Japan Trench
Norisuye K, Hori E, Nakagawa M, Obata H, Kondo Y & Gamo T

(2015) Sulfides in Oxic Seawater over the Submarine Hydrothermal Area of Kikai Caldera South of Kyushu Island, Japan
Nakayama N, Shirai K, Sano Y, Gamo T & Obata H

(2015) Dissolved Zinc and its Speciation in the Northeastern Indian Ocean and Andaman Sea
Kim T, Obata H & Gamo T

(2014) The Nd Isotopic Composition of Seawater in the Southwest Pacific Ocean
Amakawa H, Tazoe H, Obata H, Gamo T, Sano Y & Shen C-C

(2013) Determination of Strontium-90 in Seawater Using TODGA Chelating Resin
Tazoe H, Yamagata T, Obata H & Yamada M

(2013) Determination of Picomolar Zn in Seawater of the North and South Pacific with Clean Sampling Methods
Kim T, Gamo T & Obata H

(2013) Distribution of Iron (II) in the Northwestern Pacific
Obata H, Takahashi S, Gamo T & Nishioka J

(2012) Vertical Distributions of 230Th in the Pacific Ocean and their Relation to Advection and Diffusion
Okubo A, Obata H, Gamo T & Yamada M

(2012) Distribution of Lead and Lead Isotopes in the Indian Ocean: Data from the Japanese Indian Ocean GEOTRACES Transect
Lee J-M, Echegoyen-Sanz Y, Boyle E, Gamo T, Obata H & Norisuye K

(2011) Sensitive, High-Resolution Measurement of Volatile Organic Compounds Dissolved in Seawater Using Proton Transfer Reaction-Mass Spectrometry
Tanimoto H, Kameyama S, Inomata S, Tsunogai U, Ooki A, Yokouchi Y, Takeda S, Obata H, Tsuda A & Uematsu M

(2011) Nd Isotopic Compositions in the Central Indian Ocean
Tazoe H, Obata H, Nagai H & Gamo T

(2011) Lead and Lead Isotopes in the Atlantic and Indian Ocean: GEOTRACES Data
Boyle E, Echegoyen-Sanz Y, Fornace K, Lee J-M, Gamo T, Obata H & Norisuye K

(2010) LC-ESI-MS Analysis of Folic Acid Degradation in Seawater
Hongo Y, Obata H, Nakamura T & Koshino H

(2010) Fe(II) Distribution in the Arabian Sea Oxygen Minimum Zone and Western Tropical Indian Ocean from GEOTRACES KH-09-5
Kondo Y, Moffett J, Obata H & Nishioka J

(2009) Fluid Geochemistry of the Suiyo Hydrothermal Field at the Izu-Bonin Arc Submarine Volcano
Ishibashi J-I, Akashi H, Yamanaka T, Toki T, Teranishi G, Obata H & Gamo T

(2009) Supersaturated Molecular Hydrogen in Coastal Surface Water at Otsuchi Bay, Japan
Kawagucci S, Narita T, Obata H, Fukuda H & Gamo T

(2008) Distributions of Th Isotopes in the North Pacific Ocean
Okubo A, Obata H, Gamo T & Zheng J

(2008) Surface Nd Isotopic Distribution in the South Pacific Ocean
Tazoe H, Sato H, Nagai H, Obata H & Gamo T

(2006) Vertical profiles of Cerium and Neodymium Isotopic compositions and REEs pattern in the Ross Sea
Tazoe H, Obata H & Gamo T

(2005) Cerium and Neodymium Isotopic Compositions in the Northwestern Pacific and its Adjacent Seas
Tazoe H, Obata H, Amakawa H & Gamo T

(2003) Surface Distribution of the Rare Earth Elements in the North Pacific and Bering Sea
Hongo Y, Obata H & Nozaki Y

(2003) Determination of Platinum in the Marine Environment with Two Different Methods
Obata H, Yoshida T & Nozaki Y

(2003) The Ce and Nd Isotope Ratios in the Surface Seawater
Tazoe H, Amakawa H, Obata H & Nozaki Y

(2003) Manganese in the Marginal Seas
Doi T, Obata H & Maruo M

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