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All abstracts by Eric Herman Oelkers in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Rapid Isotopic Fractionation Among Minerals and Fluids during Dissolution, Precipitation, and at Equilibrium
Oelkers E

(2015) Rapid Mineralisation of CO2 and CO2-H2S-H2-Gas Mixture at the CarbFix Site in SW-Iceland
Snæbjörnsdóttir SÓ, Mesfin K, Gunnarsson I, Aradóttir ES, Stute M, Matter JM, Oelkers EH, Dideriksen K, Stipp S & Gislason SR

(2015) The CarbFix-SulFix project: Mineral Storage of CO2/H2S Gas Mixtures in Basaltic Rocks
Clark DE, Gunnarsson I, Aradottir ES, Gunnlaugsson E, Juliusson BM, Matter JM, Stute M, Oelkers EH, Snaebjornsdottir SO & Gislason SR

(2015) The Thermodynamics of Hydroxylbastnasite in Aqueous Solutions
Voigt M, Vallina B, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Benning LG & Oelkers E

(2015) IsoNose – Isotopic Tools as Novel Sensors of Earth Surfaces Resources – A New Marie Curie Initial Training Network
von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Bouman C, Gaillardet J, Gorbushina A, James R, Kamber B, Oelkers E, Tesmer M & Ashton J

(2015) Do Organic Acids Contribute to Bio-Weathering Rates?
Bray AW, Bonneville S, Schmalenberger A, Oelkers E & Benning LG

(2015) The Effect of Riverine Particulate Material on the Growth Rate of Freshwater Cyanobacteria Synechococcus sp
Grimm C, Martinez RE, Pokrovsky OS, Benning LG & Oelkers EH

(2015) How Does River Damming Affect Elemental Fluxes to the Oceans?
Eiriksdottir ES, Hardardottir J, Oelkers EH & Gislason SR

(2015) Mg-Isotope Fractionation during the 25℃ Dissolution of Hydromagnesite and at Equilibrium
Berninger U-N, Jordan G, Mavromatis V, Perez-Fernandez A & Oelkers EH

(2013) Controls of the Isotopic Composition of Trace Metals in Calcite – New Tools for Paleo-Reconstructions
Schott J, Oelkers EH & Mavromatis V

(2013) The Impact of Climate on Land Derived Nutrient Fluxes to the Ocean
Eiriksdottir ES, Gislason SR & Oelkers EH

(2013) How Bugs Get their Food: Linking Mineral Surface Chemistry to Nutrient Availability
Bray A, Oelkers E, Bonneville S & Benning L

(2013) Revisiting Land to Ocean Fluxes
Jeandel C & Oelkers E

(2013) Hydromagnesite Reactivity in Aqueous Solutions
Berninger U-N, Mavromatis V, Jordan G, Schott J & Oelkers E

(2013) Antigorite Dissolution Rates as a Function of pH at 25 and 80℃
Bosc O, Declercq J, Mavromatis V & Oelkers EH

(2013) Solubility and Mineral Storage of CO2 in Basalt
Gislason S, Oelkers E, Sigfusson B, Matter J, Stute M, Gunnlaugsson E, Gunnarssson I, Aradottir E, Sigurdardottir H, Mesfin K, Alfredsson H, Wolff-Boenisch D, Arnarsson M & Broecker W

(2013) Dissolution Rates of Plagioclase Feldspars at 22℃ as a Function of pH and Plagioclase Composition
Gudbrandsson S, Wolff-Boenisch D, Gislason SR & Oelkers EH

(2013) Experimentally Quantifying Metabasalt Dissolution Kinetics at 25℃ and pH 2-12
Critelli T, Saldi GD, Daval D, Apollaro C, Oelkers EH, Schott J, De Rosa R, Knauss KG & Marini L

(2013) KINETIC14: A PHREEQC Compatible Mineral Kinetic Database
Declercq J & Oelkers E

(2013) Mg Isotope Fractionation during Hydrothermal Carbonation of Serpentine
Mavromatis V, Beinlich A, Austrheim H & Oelkers EH

(2013) Reversibility of Calcium and Magnesium Isotopic Signatures during Ambient Temperature Fluid-Carbonate Mineral Interaction
Oelkers E, Pogge von Strandmann P, Bereninger N & Mavromatis V

(2012) Field Evidence of Sr Exchange between Particulate Material and Seawater in Estuaries
Jones M, Gislason S, Burton K, Pearce C, Mavromatis V & Oelkers E

(2012) Towards a Consistent Quantitative Description of Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution Rates
Schott J, Oelkers E, Benezeth P, Gautier Q, Pokrovsky O, Jordan G & Saldi G

(2012) Organic Matter and Fe Oxide Coatings Reduce the Relevance of Laboratory Rates to Mineral Dissolution in Soil
Hodson M, Parry S, Kemp S & Oelkers E

(2012) Kaolinite Precipitation Rates at ph 4 and 25℃
Gudbrandsson S, Mavromatis V, Gautier Q, Bovet N, Schott J & Oelkers E

(2012) Direct Evidence for Isotopic Fractionation during Congruent Dissolution, Precipitation and at Equilibrium
Oelkers E, Pearce C, Saldi G & Schott J

(2012) Reactivity of Detrital Silicates and Carbon Storage in the Ocean Margins
Gislason S, Oelkers E, Jones M, Wolff-Boenisch D, Alfredsson H & Mesfin K

(2012) Calcite Nucleation and Growth on Basaltic Glass and Silicate Minerals
Stockmann GJ, Oelkers EH, Wolff-Boenisch D, Bovet N & Gislason SR

(2012) The Effect of Aqueous Organic Ligands on Forsterite Dissolution Rates
Declercq J, Bosc O & Oelkers E

(2011) The Effect of Time and Climate on Volcanic Soil Formation
Gislason S, Eiriksdottir E, Alfredsson H, Sigfússon B, Jones M & Oelkers E

(2011) Can Seawater Promote in situ Mineral Sequestration?
Wolff-Boenisch D, Wenau S, Oelkers E & Gislason S

(2011) Dissolution Rates of Plagioclase Feldspars as a Function of Solution Composition
Gudbrandsson S, Wolff-Boenisch D, Gislason S & Oelkers E

(2011) Carbonation of Forsterite and Serpentine: Modeling the Optimum Conditions in Terms of pH and Temperature
Declercq J & Oelkers E

(2011) Effect of Aqueous Organic Ligands on Mg-Isotope Fractionation during Magnesite Precipitation
Mavromatis V, Gautier Q, Schott J & Oelkers E

(2011) Incongruent Dissolution of Volcanic Riverine Particulate Material in Seawater: Consequences for Global Element Cycling
Jones M, Pearce C, Jeandel C & Oelkers E

(2011) How do Mineral Substrates Affect Calcite Nucleation and Growth?
Stockmann GJ, Oelkers EH, Wolff-Boenisch D & Bovet N

(2010) Mineral Seqestration of CO2 in Basalt – The CarbFix Project
Gislason S, Wolff-Boenisch D, Stefansson A, Alfredsson H, Oelkers E, Gunnlaugsson E, Sigurdardottir H, Sigfusson B, Aradottir E, Broecker W, Matter J, Stute M & Axelsson G

(2010) Does the Presence of Bacteria Affect Basaltic Glass Dissolution Rates? 2: Live Pseudomonas reactants
Stockmann GJ, Shirokova LS, Pokrovsky OS, Oelkers EH & Benezeth P

(2010) The Impact of Climate and Dam Construction on Silicon Fluxes to the Oceans
Gislason S, Eiriksdottir E, Oelkers E & Burton K

(2010) The Weathering of Basaltic Rocks and their Effect on Global Chemical Cycles
Oelkers E, Gislason S, Jones M, Pearce C, Eiriksdottir E & Gaillardet J

(2010) How can Geochemistry Save the World?
Oelkers E

(2009) Experimental Quantification of Kinetic Mg-Isotope Fractionation during Magnesite Precipitation
Pearce C, Saldi G, Schott J, Burton K & Oelkers E

(2009) Which Trivalent Phosphate Controls Acidic Surface Water P Availability?
Roncal-Herrero T, Rodriguez-Blanco JD, Benning LG & Oelkers EH

(2009) Magnesite Growth Rates as Function of Temperature and Saturation State: An HAFM Study
Saldi GD, Jordan G, Schott J & Oelkers EH

(2009) Introduction to Session 08h
Oelkers E

(2009) Effects of Organic Ligands on Magnesite Precipitation Rates
Gautier Q, Saldi G, Bénézeth P, Oelkers E & Schott J

(2009) An Experimental Study of the Effect of Sulphate on Calcite Precipitation Rates and CO2 Sequestration
Flaathen TK, Oelkers EH & Gislason SR

(2009) Turning Rock into Soil – Variations in Soil Mineral Reactivity, Surface Area, and Porosity Through the Critical Zone
Parry SA, Hodson ME, Oelkers EH & Kemp SJ

(2009) The Surface Area, Reactivity, and Effect on Global Cycles of Riverine Transported Basaltic Suspended Load
Oelkers EH, Pearce CR, Eiriksdottir CES & Gíslason SR

(2009) Can Carbonate Coatings Inhibit in situ Mineral Carbonation?
Stockmann GJ, Wolff-Boenisch D, Gislason SR & Oelkers EH

(2009) Dissolution Rates of Crystalline Basalt as a Function of Temperature and Solution Composition
Gudbrandsson S, Wolff-Boenisch D, Gislason SR & Oelkers EH

(2009) What Causes the Positive Feedback between Climate and Chemical Weathering Rates?
Eiriksdottir ES, Gislason SR & Oelkers EH

(2009) The Carbfix Project: Mineral CO2 Sequestration into Basalt
Gislason S, Broecker W, Oelkers E, Gunnlaugsson E, Sigurdardottir H, Stefansson A, Wolff-Boenisch D, Matter J, Stute M & Axelsson G

(2008) The Surface Chemistry of Multi-Oxide Silicates
Oelkers E, Golubev S, Chairat C, Pokrovsky O & Schott J

(2008) Surface Charge and Zeta-Potential of Metabolically Active and Dead Cyanobacteria
Martinez R, Pokrovsky O, Schott J & Oelkers E

(2007) Reactivity of a Ryolitic Glass
Declercq J & Oelkers E

(2007) Do Fluids Flow Through or Around Mineral Grains?
Oelkers E, Putnis C & Putnis A

(2007) Dissolution and Precipitation Kinetics of Magnesite at Conditions Relevant for CO2 Geologic Sequestration
Saldi G, Oelkers E, Pokrovsky O & Schott J

(2007) Experimental Study of REE Behavour during Apatite Dissolution in Presence of Iron and Organic Matter
Roncal-Herrero T, Mathieu N, Sonke J & Oelkers EH

(2007) Characterization of Carbonate Mineral Formation by Cyanobacteria and the Implications in CO2 Sequestration
Martinez R, Pokrovsky O, Schott J & Oelkers E

(2007) Direct Evidence of the Feedback between Climate and Weathering
Gislason S, Oeklers E, Eiriksdottir E, Kardjilov M, Gisladottir G, Sigfusson B, Snorrason A, Elefsen S, Hardardottir J & Torssander P

(2005) Reactive Transport Experiments and Modelling of CO<->2<$> Sequestration in Deep Aquifers
Guichet X, Schott J, Oelkers EH, Vincent B, Magnier C & Brosse E

(2005) The Role of Apatite in Controlling the REE Composition of Natural Waters
Oelkers E, Kohler S, Harouiya N & Chariat C

(2005) Minerals and Bacteria, Friends or Foes?
Hutchens E, Valsami-Jones E, McEldowney S & Oelkers E

(2005) The Effect of Climate, Vegetation, Rock Age, and Human Activity on Basalt Weathering Rates in NE-Iceland
Gislason S, Eiriksdottir E, Sigfusson B, Snorrason A, Elefsen S, Hardardottir J, Karjilov M, Oelkers E, Torssander P & Gisladottir G

(2004) The Role of River Suspended Material on the Global Carbon Cycle
Gislason S, Oelkers E & Snorrason A

(2004) How do Microorganisms Enhance Mineral Dissolution Rates?
Oelkers E, Valsami-Jones E, Hutchens E & Harouiya N

(2004) The Solubility and Dissolution Rates of Natural Apatite
Chaïrat C, Oelkers E, Schott J & Lartigue J

(2004) Glauconite Dissolution Kinetics and Application to CO2 Storage in the Subsurface
Aagaard P, Oelkers E & Schott J

(2004) How do Mineral Coatings Affect Dissolution Rates?
Cubillas P, Prieto M, Oelkers E & Köhler S

(2004) Phosphate Dissolution and Precipitation Rates in Low Temperature Natural Processes
Harouiya N, Oelkers E & Valsami-Jones E

(2004) Experimental Studies of REE Fractionation during Water-Mineral Interactions
Kohler S, Harouiya N, Chaïrat C & Oelkers E

(2003) Chemical Weathering Rates of Volcanic Glasses
Wolff-Boenisch D, Gislason S & Oelkers E

(2002) An Experimental Study of the Affect of Aqueous Fluoride on Quartz, Kaolinite, and Alkali Feldspar Dissolution Rates
Harouiya N & Oelkers E

(2002) An Experimental Study of the Dissolution Stoichiometry and Rates of a Natural Monazite as a Function of Temperature from 5 to 50° C and pH from 1 to 12.3
Montagnac P, Köhler S, Dufaud F & Oelkers E

(2002) An Experimental Study of Illite Dissolution Kinetics as a Function of pH from 1.4 to 12.4 and Temperature from 5 to 50° C
Köhler S, Dufaud F & Oelkers E

(2002) Dissolution Rates of Volcanic Glasses of Different Chemical Compositions
Wolff-Boenisch D, Gíslason SR & Oelkers EH

(2002) An Experimental Study of Aqueous Formic Acid Decomposition Rates as a Function of pH and Temperature from 175 to 250° C
Oelkers E, Ruhier L & Gout R

(2001) A General Kinetic Description of Multi-Oxide Silicate Mineral and Glass Dissolution
Oelkers EH

(2001) Controls on Chemical Weathering of Basalt
Gíslason SR, Oelkers EH & Stefánsson A

(2000) An Experimental Study of the Dissolution Mechanism and Rates of Muscovite
Oelkers EH, Gauthier J & Schott J

(2000) An Experimental Study of the Surface Areas of the Fontainebleau Sandstone: Are Geometric, Reactive, and Adsorptive Surface Areas Equivalent?
Prenat M & Oelkers EH

(2000) The Temporal Variation of Quartz Dissolution Rates: Have Quartz Dissolution Rates Changed over Historic Time?
Oelkers EH

(2000) Chemical Weathering Rate of Basaltic Glass as a Function of Temperature, pH, Organic Acids and Solution Composition
Gislason SR & Oelkers EH

(2000) Experimental Study of Monazite-Water Interaction from 21 to 300 ºC
Poitrasson F, Oelkers EH, Schott J & Montel J

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