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All abstracts by Yasuhiko Ohara in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Crustal Accretion in a Back-Arc Slow-Spreading Ridge: Insights from the Mado Megamullion Core Complex (Shikoku Basin)
Basch V, Sani C, Sanfilippo A, Ohara Y, Snow J, Harigane Y & Yamashita H

(2020) Melt-Rock Reaction in the Late Stages of Back Arc Spreading Forming the Mado Megamullion in Shikoku Basin
Sen A, Snow JE & Ohara Y

(2019) Initiation and Maturation of Island Arcs
Ribeiro J, Ishizuka O, Lee C-T, Martinez F, Girard G & Ohara Y

(2016) Geochemical & Geochronological Constraints on the Subduction Initiation of the Izu-Bonin Arc
Ishizuka O, Tani K, Harigane Y, Ohara Y, Taylor R, Kusano Y, Hickey-Vargas R, Yogodzinsky G, Sudo M, McCarthy A, Savov I, Arculus R & Bogus K

(2014) Isotopic Evolution of the Backarc Oceanic Mantle
Nelson W, Snow J, Brandon A & Ohara Y

(2013) Composition of the Shallow Aqueous Fluids Released beneath the SE Mariana Forearc Rift
Ribeiro J, Stern R, Kelley K, Shaw A, Martinez F & Ohara Y

(2013) Re-Os-PGE Constraints on the Evolution of Backarc Oceanic Mantle
Nelson W, Snow J, Brandon A, Ohara Y & Lee C-T

(2012) Melt Rock Reaction in the Mantle and Accretion of the Lower Crust at Slow-Spreading Ridges
Dick H, Sanfilippo A, Lissenberg J & Ohara Y

(2008) Origin of Adakitic Lavas in the Mariana Forearc
Woods M, Ishizuka O, Reagan MK, Kelley KA, Kimura J-I, Ohara Y & Stern RJ

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