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All abstracts by Naohiko Ohkouchi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) A Preliminary Report of Radiocarbon Dating of Fatty Acids and Pheopigments from the Japan Sea Sediments
Amekawa S, Yokoyama Y, Suga H, Miyairi Y, Yamane M & Ohkouchi N

(2015) Isotope Analysis of Ng-Sized Nd by Total Evaporation TIMS and its Application to Foraminifera Samples
Wakaki S, Yoshimura T, Kuroda J, Ohkouchi N & Ishikawa T

(2015) Heterotrophic Modification and Production of Long-Chain N-Alkanes during Early Diagenesis
Chikaraishi Y & Ohkouchi N

(2015) Porphyrins from 1.1 Gyr Benthic Mats
Gueneli N, McKenna AM, Krajewski LC, Che H, Boreham C, Ohkouchi N, Poulton SW, Beghin J, Javaux EJ & Brocks JJ

(2015) Carbon Isotopic Composition of Coenzyme F430 from Anaerobic Methane Oxidizing Archaea
Kaneko M, Takano Y, Ogawa N & Ohkouchi N

(2015) Geochemistry of the Aptian Calera Limestone, Franciscan Complex, California
Kuroda J, Ohkouchi N & Sakai S

(2014) Development of a New Proxy for Past Terrestrial Nitrogen Cycles from Chlorophyll Degradation Products in Soil
Enders S, Houlton B, Freeman K, Ohkouchi N, Chikaraishi Y, Ogawa N & Suga H

(2013) Quantification of Methanogenic Potential in Enviromentnal Samples
Kaneko M, Takano Y, Watanabe T, Asakawa S, Shima S, Ogawa N & Ohkouchi N

(2013) 15N-Enrichment of Amino Acids for Studying Trophic Structure and Energy Flow in Food Webs
Chikaraishi Y, Ogawa N, Tsuchiya M & Ohkouchi N

(2011) Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Analysis of Amino Acids as a Novel Tool for Ecological Food Web Study
Chikaraishi Y, Ogawa N, Takano Y, Tsuchiya M & Ohkouchi N

(2010) Marine Osmium Isotopic Records in the Triassic-Jurassic Deep-Sea Sediments of Panthalassa
Kuroda J, Hori R, Suzuki K & Ohkouchi N

(2009) Compound-Specific Nitrogen Isotope Analysis of Amino Acids: Implication of Aquatic Food Web Studies
Chikaraishi Y, Ogawa N & Ohkouchi N

(2009) Osmium Evidence for Relationship between Atmospheric Oxygenation and Paleoproterozoic Glaciation
Sekine Y, Suzuki K, Senda R, Tajika E, Tada R, Goto K, Yamamoto S, Ohkouchi N & Ogawa N

(2009) Multiple Eruptions of the Ontong Java Plateau as a Trigger of the Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Event-1a
Kuroda J, Tanimizu M, Hori R, Suzuki K, Ogawa N, Tejada M, Coffin M, Coccioni R & Ohkouchi N

(2008) Application of NMR to Characterize Intact Polar Lipids in Deep Biosphere
Takano Y, Inagaki F, Morono Y, Ogawa N, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N

(2007) Reconstruction of the Past Biogeochemical Cycles Based on Compound-Specific N and C Isotopic Analyses of Sedimentary Porphyrins
Kashiyama Y, Ogawa NO, Chikaraishi Y, Nomoto S, Tada R, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N

(2007) Stable Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Amino Acids: Implications for Aquatic Food Web Studies
Chikaraishi Y, Kashiyama Y, Ogawa N, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N

(2007) Application of Compound-Specific Radiocarbon Dating for Studying West Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Late Quaternary
Ohkouchi N, Eglinton T, Toyoda M, Chikaraishi Y, Tokuyama H, Miura H & Yokoyama Y

(2006) Nitrogen isotopic composition of chlorophylls and porphyrins in geological samples as tools for reconstructing paleoenvironment
Ohkouchi N, Kashiyama Y, Chikaraishi Y, Ogawa N, Tada R & Kitazato H

(2006) Multi-isotopic constraints on the origin and fate of n-alkyl lipids in recent sediments
Eglinton T, Ohkouchi N, Drenzek N, Dickens A, Mollenhauer G, Schefuss E, Sessions A, Montlucon D, Sylva S & Hayes J

(2006) Particle Properties and Paleoceanographic Proxies
Eglinton T, Hwang J, Ohkouchi N, Francois R, Montlucon D & Manganini S

(2006) Stable nitrogen isotope analysis of chlorophylls by gas chromatography-isotope ratio mass spectrometry
Chikaraishi Y, Kashiyama Y, Ogawa N, Kitazato H, Nomoto S & Ohkouchi N

(2006) Nitrogen and carbon isotopic analyses on sedimentary porphyrins of organic-rich shales from Miocene and mid-Cretaceous
Kashiyama Y, Ogawa NO, Chikaraishi Y, Suga H, Tada R, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N

(2006) Massive melting of West Antarctic Ice Sheet during the latest Pleistocene and Holocene: Hydrogen isotopic records of sedimentary biomarkers in Ross Sea
Toyoda M, Yokoyama Y, Miura H, Chikaraishi Y, Tokuyama H, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N

(2004) Advective Controls on the Distribution and Composition of Organic Matter in Marine Sediments
Eglinton T, Mollenhauer G, Ohkouchi N & Hayes J

(2003) Iron Isotope Evidence for Redox Stratification of the Archean Oceans
Yamaguchi K, Beard B, Johnson C, Ohkouchi N & Ohmoto H

(2003) Biogeochemical Implications of Carbon Isotopic Compositions of Sedimentary Biomarkers from a Meromictic Lake
Matsumoto K, Suga H, Ogawa N, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N

(2003) Distribution of Chloropigments in a Meromictic Lake, Lake Kaiike, Japan
Nakajima Y, Okada H, Oguri K, Suga H, Kitazato H & Ohkouchi N

(2003) High-Resolution Isotopic Record of Total Organic Carbon in Cretaceous Black Shales
Kuroda J, Tokuyama H, Ogawa N, Matsumoto K, Suga H & Ohkouchi N

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