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All abstracts by Takashi Okai in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) New Geochemical Data Set of 53 Elements in Stream Sediments Classified by the Dominant Lithology in a Drainage Basin –GSJ Medal Lecture–
Ohta A, Imai N, Okai T, Manaka M, Kubota R, Nakamura A & Tachibana Y

(2019) 10Be/9Be Ratios of Be-Bearing Minerals and Suitability for Use as Be Carrier
Nakamura A, Okai T, Matsuzaki H & Ohta A

(2016) Temperature Dependency of Skeletal Growth and Compositions of Temperate Acropora Coral Species Around Japan
Suzuki A, Mori C, Inoue M, Okai T, Isono R, Hayashi M, Yamamoto Y, Suwa R, Yamano H, Nomura K, Nojiri Y & Kawahata H

(2007) A Combined Terrestrial and Marine Geochemical Mapping Project in Japan
Ohta A, Imai N, Terashima S, Tachibana Y, Okai T, UJiie-Mikoshiba M & Kubota R

(2003) Geochemical Map of Japan
Imai N, Terashima S, Okai T, Kanai Y, Mikoshiba M & Ohta A

(2003) Trace Element Concentrations in Carbonate Reference Materials; Coral JCp-1 and Giant Clam JCt-1 by Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry
Inoue M, Nohara M, Okai T, Suzuki A & Kawahata H

(2000) Young Upper Crustal Chemical Composition of the Orogenic Japan Arc
Togashi S, Imai N, Okuyama-Kusunose Y, Tanaka T, Okai T, Koma T & Murata Y

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