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All abstracts by Priscia Oliva in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Zn Isotope Fractionation in Pristine Larch Forest Developed on Permafrost-Dominated Soils in Central Siberia
Viers J, Prokushkin A, Pokrovsky O, Kirdyanov A, Zouiten C, Oliva P & Dupre B

(2012) Iron Isotopic Fractionation in Tropical Soils
Akerman A, Poitrasson F, Oliva P, Boaventura G, Vieira L, Audry S & Seyler P

(2012) Bioaccessibility of Trace Metals on Mining and Smelting Impacted Dusts: Importance of Particle Size on Children Exposure
Goix S, Oliva P, Castet S, Duprey J-L, Point D & Gardon J

(2010) Impact of Atmospheric CO2 Levels on Continental Silicate Weathering
Beaulieu E, Goddéris Y, Labat D, Roelandt C, Oliva P & Guerrero B

(2009) Influence of Vegetation on Chemical Fluxes in a Tropical Watershed: Mule Hole, South India
Riotte J, Maréchal J-C, Akerman A, Audry S, Oliva P, Ruiz L, Fraisse F, Pokrovsky O, Lagane C, Muddu S & Braun J-J

(2008) Chemical Weathering of Mafic Rocks in Boreal Environment (NW Russia)
Vasyukova E, Oliva P, Pokrovsky O, Viers J, Martin F, Dupre B & Bychkov A

(2008) Contribution of Forest Fire Ashes to Weathering Fluxes in the Moole Hole Experimental Watershed (South India)
Akerman A, Audry S, Riotte J, Muddu S, Oliva P, Maréchal J-C, Fraysse F, Pokrovski O, Lagane C & Braun J-J

(2007) Dynamic of Pedogenic Carbonates in a Climatic Gradient: The Kabini River Basin, Deccan Plateau, South India
Violette A, Riotte J, Braun J-J, Barbiéro L, Ruiz L, Oliva P, Sekhar M, Mohan Kumar MS, Subramanian S & Dupré B

(2004) The Use of Zn Isotopes to Constrain the Biogeochemical Cycling of Metals in Watersheds
Viers J, Oliva P, Freydier R & Dupre B

(2004) New Insights on Metal Biogeochemistry in Tropical Environment: The Role of Vegetation in Metal Cycles at a Small Watershed Scale
Oliva P, Viers J, Dupre B, Gainville R, Ndam J & Freydier R

(2001) Chemical Weathering in a High Elevation Watershed in the French Pyrenees: New Insight on the Mineralogical Controls and Fluxes during Weathering in a Granitic Environment
Oliva P, Dupré B, Martin F, Darrozes J & Escalier J

(2001) ??Erosion of Deccan Traps Determined by River Geochemistry. Impact on Global Climate and 87Sr/86Sr Ratio of Seawater
Dessert C, Dupré B, FranÁois LM, Schott J, Gaillardet J, Oliva P & Chakrapani G

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