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All abstracts by Eric Olson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2009) The Biogeochemistry and Ecology of Deep Sediment-Buried Basement Biosphere: Juan de Fuca Ridge Flanks
Cowen J, Lin H-T, Glazer B, Rappe M, Matzinger M, Youngbluth S, Jones R, Olson E, Albert D & Amend J

(2009) Real-Time in situ Volatile Characterization and Methane Carbon Stable Isotopic Composition in the Deep Sea
Wankel SD, Lilley MD, Olson E & Girguis PR

(2009) Volatiles in the Loki's Castle and Jan Mayen Vent Fields of the Ultra-Slow Spreading Knipovich and Mohns Ridges
Lilley M, Pedersen R, Thorseth I, Lupton J, Olson E, Freuh-Green G & Baumberger T

(2008) The Abiotic Production of Hydrocarbons at the Lost City Hydrothermal Field
Proskurowski G, Lilley M, Seewald J, Früh-Green G, Olson E, Lupton J, Sylva S & Kelley DS

(2001) Methane and Hydrogen in Active Hydrothermal Systems
Lilley MD & Olson EJ

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