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All abstracts by Victoria J. Orphan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Stable Coexistence of Aerobic and Anaerobic Transition
Jangir Y, Guo Y, Zakem E, Levine NM & Orphan VJ

(2015) Enrichment of 34S in the Intracellular Sulfate during Dissimilatory Sulfate Reduction
Sim MS, Paris G, Adkins J, Orphan V & Sessions A

(2015) Tracking the Genomic Signatures and Metabolic Interactions within Single Methane-Oxidizing Archaeal-Bacterial Consortia
Orphan V, Hatzenpilcher R, Chadwick G, Skennerton C, Yu H, Scheller S, McGlynn S, Goudeau D, Malstrom R & Woyke T

(2015) Insights into Mechanisms of Nitrous Oxide Generation from Measurement of Nine N2O Isotopologues
Magyar P, Orphan V & Eiler J

(2014) Nano-Scale Elemental Imaging of Microbes and Minerals from Deep Sea Methane Seeps
Glass J, McGlynn S, Chadwick G, Dawson K, Chen S, Vogt S, Lai B, Deng J, Ingall E, Twining B & Orphan V

(2014) The Spatial Relationship to Metabolic Activity in Syntrophic Communities
McGlynn S, Chadwick G, Kempes C & Orphan V

(2014) Coenzyme F430, Quantification and Isotope Analysis from Hydrate Ridge California
Bird LR, Fulton JM, Dawson KS, Orphan VJ & Freeman KH

(2013) Isotopologue Effects in the Generation and Consumption of Nitrous Oxide
Magyar P, Kopf S, Orphan V & Eiler J

(2013) Metal Micronutrients for Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane
Glass J, Steele J, Dawson K, McGlynn S, Reinhard C & Orphan V

(2013) Hydrogen Isotope Fraction in Lipids of Syntrophically Associated Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
Dawson KS, Sessions AL & Orphan VJ

(2013) Using Stable-Isotope Probing to Elucidate the in situ Metabolic Activity of Microbial Populations in the Cystic Fibrosis Lung
Kopf S, Hunter R, Lariviere A, Hu Y, Dieterle M, Sessions A, Orphan V & Newman D

(2013) Authigenic Carbonates as Dynamic Microbial Ecosystems: Expanding Views of Methane Cycling in the Deep Sea
Orphan V

(2012) Measurement of Nitrous Oxide Isotopologues and Isotopomers by the MAT 253 Ultra
Magyar P, Kopf S, Orphan V & Eiler J

(2011) Endolithic Anaerobic Methane Oxidation at Cold Seeps
Marlow J, Steele J & Orphan V

(2009) High Resolution SIMS-Based Sulfide ╬┤34S: A New Tool for Characterizing Microbial Activity in a Variety of Depositional Environments
Fike D & Orphan VJ

(2008) Micron-Scale Mapping of Sulfur Cycling Across the Oxycline of a Cyanobacterial Mat
Fike D, Gammon CL, Finke N, Hoehler T, Turk K & Orphan V

(2007) Micron-Scale Resolution of Sulfur Cycling in a Microbial Mat
Fike D, Ussler W, Eiler J, Guan Y & Orphan V

(2007) The Ties that Bind: Dynamics of Syntrophic Associations in Marine Methane Seeps
Orphan V, Pernthaler A, Dekas A, Gammon C & House C

(2002) Direct Phylogenetic and Isotopic Evidence for Multiple Groups of Archaea Involved in the Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane
Orphan V, House C, Hinrichs K-U, McKeegan K & DeLong E

(2001) ?13C Ion Probing and Fluorescent in situ Hybridization: Direct Evidence of Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane Mediated by an Archaeal/Bacterial Consortium
Orphan VJ, House CH, Hinrichs KU, McKeegan KD & DeLong EF

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