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All abstracts by Nathaniel Ostrom in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Using Stable Isotopes to Investigate Microbial H2 and N2O Production
Hegg E, Yang H, Kreuzer H, Moran J, Hill E, Gandhi H & Ostrom N

(2014) Isotopomer Analysis of Nitrous Oxide Produced by Cytochrome P450nor from Histoplasma capsulatum
Hegg E, Yang H, Gandhi H & Ostrom N

(2012) Stable Isotope and Isotopomeric Constraints on N2O Production in Wastewater Treatment Plants
Bellucci F, Gonzalez-Meler M, Sturchio NC, Bohlke JK, Ostrom N & Kozak J

(2010) Using Hydrogen Isotopes to Assess Proton Flux during Biological Hydrogen Production: Part 1
Yang H, Kreuzer H, Shi L, Ostrom N, Gandhi H & Hegg E

(2010) Isotopologue Data Reveal Denitrification as the Primary Source of Nitrous Oxide at Nitrogen Fertilization Gradient in a Temperate Agricultural Field
Ostrom N, Ostrom P, Gandhi H, Millar N & Robertson GP

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