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All abstracts by Kazumi Ozaki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Estimating Burial Rates of Organic Carbon in Terrestrial and Marine Environments Through Phanerozoic Time Using a Geochemical Model
Aoyama K, Tajika E & Ozaki K

(2022) Co-evolution of Atmosphere and Marine Biosphere Driven by Oxygenic Photosynthesis Before the Great Oxidation Event
Watanabe Y, Tajika E & Ozaki K

(2021) Haze Formation Limits the Primary Productivity of Marine Anaerobic Ecosystem during the Archean
Watanabe Y, Tajika E, Ozaki K & Hong PK

(2021) Conditions Required for Oceanic Anoxia/Euxinia Revisited
Ozaki K

(2021) Modeling Global Biosphere Response to Enhanced Riverine Nutrient Delivery during the Late Devonian Kellwasser Event
Smart MS, Ozaki K, Reinhard CT, Marshall JEA, Whiteside J, Gilhooly W & Filippelli G

(2020) Consequence of Hydrocarbon Haze Formation on Global Carbon Cycle Under Anoxic and Mildly Oxidized Environment
Watanabe Y, Tajika E, Ozaki K & Hong P

(2020) Sulfur Cycle Dynamics during the Great Oxidation Event
Ozaki K & Miura Y

(2019) Limited Biological Productivity in the Archean Anoxic Ocean
Ozaki K & Reinhard C

(2019) Low Mid-Proterozoic Atmospheric Oxygen Levels?
Planavsky N, Reinhard C, Isson T, Ozaki K & Crockford P

(2019) Intermediate Atmospheric Oxygen Levels, Ocean Ventilation, and Global Biospheric Productivity
Cole D, Ozaki K, Planavsky N & Reinhard C

(2018) A Thallium Isotope Record of Ocean Oxygenation during the Lomagundi Event
Li Z, Owens J, Planavsky N, Ozaki K & Reinhard C

(2017) Climatic Consequences of Methane Boosting by Photoferrotrophs in the Archean Atmosphere
Ozaki K, Tajika E, Hong P, Nakagawa Y & Reinhard C

(2016) Variations of U and Mo Isotopes Across the Deep Sea Permian-Triassic Boundary
Takahashi S, Gordon G, Ozaki K, Yamasaki S, Kimura K, Anbar A & Tada R

(2016) Stability and Dynamics of Proterozoic Oceanic Euxinia
Ozaki K & Tajika E

(2016) An Ecophysiological Throttle on Planetary Oxygenation during the Archean
Reinhard CT, Crowe SA, Ozaki K & Thompson KJ

(2015) Towards a Quantitative Understanding of the Mid-Proterozoic Redox State of the Atmosphere and Oceans
Ozaki K & Tajika E

(2014) Dynamics of Proterozoic Ocean Euxinia
Ozaki K & Tajika E

(2013) Conditions for Proterozoic Anoxic and Non-Sulfidic Ocean: Constraints from a Marine Biogeochemical Cycle Model
Ozaki K & Tajika E

(2012) Modeling Ocean Acidification and De-Oxygenation: Testing the Linkage between Large Igneous Province and Ocean Anoxic Event
Ozaki K & Tajika E

(2011) Modeling Oceanic Anoxia/Euxinia Induced by Massive CO2 Injection
Ozaki K & Tajika E

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