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All abstracts by Mark Pagani in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Cretaceous Tropical Sea Surface Temperatures from Bulk Foraminiferal Clumped Isotope Thermometery
Dawson R, Affek H, Elder L, Bostock H, Goldklang M, Pagani M & Hull P

(2018) NORTH ATLANTIC SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURES SINCE THE EARLY MIOCENE North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperatures Since the Early Miocene
Super J, O'Brien C, Thomas E, Huber M, Pagani M & Hull P

(2018) Late Oligocene Warming: Constraints from TEX86-derived Sea Surface Temperature Proxy Records
O'Brien C, Super J, Pagani M, Thomas E & Hull P

(2017) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry of Bulk Planktonic Foraminifera
Canavan R, Hull P, Elder L, Goldklang M, Affek H & Pagani M

(2017) Ancient Maya Land Use Reduced the Residence Time of Carbon in Tropical Forest Soils
Douglas P, Pagani M, Eglinton T, Brenner M, Curtis J, Hodell D, Breckenridge A & Johnston K

(2017) A North Atlantic TEX86 and Uk’37 Sea Surface Temperature Transect Across the Middle Miocene Climatic Optimum
Super J, Pagani M, Thomas E & Hull P

(2016) Chalenging GDGT Proxies' Assumptions of Archaea Ecology: Compound-Specific δ13C and Genetic Insights from Orca Basin, Gulf of Mexico
Lichtin S, Warren C, Pearson A, Near T & Pagani M

(2015) Clumped Isotope Sea Surface Temperature Estimates: Analysis of Paleoclimate and Diagenesis
Canavan R, McGregor D, Affek H, Ivany L & Pagani M

(2015) Tropical TEX86 – Uk’37 Based Sea Surface Temperature Offsets from the Mid-Miocene Through Pliocene
Super J & Pagani M

(2015) Refining the Alkenone-Pco2 Method: Nutrient Constraints and the Effect of Growth Rate
Zhang YG, Pearson A & Pagani M

(2015) Archaeal Lipids in Transition: Characterization of Lipids and Sequences in the Orca Basin, Gulf of Mexico
Warren C, Elling F, Goldenstein N, Hinrichs K-U & Pagani M

(2015) Gar Scales and their Terrestrial Paleoclimate Proxy Potential
Gray K & Pagani M

(2014) Plant-Wax Isotope Records of Drought and Ancient Societal Adaptation in the Maya Lowlands
Douglas P, Pagani M, Brenner M, Hodell D, Eglinton T, Curtis J & Canuto M

(2012) Ring Index: Towards Quality-Controls for the TEX86 Paleothermometer
Zhang YG & Pagani M

(2011) Tracing Molecular Proxy Signals from Biological Source to Sedimentary Sink
Eglinton T, Galy V, Feng X, Voss B, Peucker-Ehrenbrink B, Ponton C, Giosan L, Schefuss E, Montlucon D, Douglas P, Pagani M, Wu Y & Drenzek N

(2011) Methane and the PETM: All Good Things Must Come to An End?
Pagani M, DeConto R, Galeotti S & Beerling D

(2010) Compound Specific Terrestrial Leaf Wax Records from the Cicogna Section (Italy) during the PETM
Krishnan S, Pagani M, Tipple B & Agnini C

(2010) Estimates of Earth System Climate Sensitivity
Pagani M

(2009) Compound-Specific Stable Isotope Reconstruction of the Paleoelevation of the Western U.S
Hren M, Pagani M & Brandon M

(2008) The Role of CO2 during the Eocene-Oligocene Climate Transition
Pagani M, Liu Z & Huber M

(2005) Hydrogen Isotopic Composition of N-Alkanes from Leaf Waxes: An Empirical Evaluation of Environmental Controls
Pedentchouk N & Pagani M

(2005) The Influence of C4 Photosynthesis during the Miocene
Pagani M & Tipple B

(2005) Controls on Paleo-Alkenone ?<+>13<$>C
Pagani M

(2002) Eocene/Oligocene Alkenone-Based CO2 Estimates
Pagani M, Pagani M, Zachos J & Freeman K

(2002) Eocene/Oligocene Alkenone-Based CO2 Estimates
Pagani M, Pagani M, Zachos J & Freeman K

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